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Trance State

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Trance State

Post by Kuja on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:38 am

Name: Trance

Description: When trance is activated Kuja's body will glow with a bright light before his hair and fur turns crimson red as his clothes is replaced with fur. He normally floats around after doing this so walking is a bit strange to see when he is like this, also for some reason energy seems to swirl around him so he sticks out but when he is like this stealth is thrown out the window.

Strength: He becomes faster and stronger, he is able to use very powerful spells *if they are unlocked*, all magic does 10% less damage to him, and Takai's powers goes up by 15% *so the effects and the damage the orbs cause go up*

Stamina: Twenty Five of my post *I am guessing on here*

Good qualities: Special Powers

Level 1 powers: 20 MP needed to unlock
Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Watera- Kuja is able to use spells of the four basic elements to destroy his enemies as well as to affect the surroundings. What spell he is about to use can be told by what color his hands start to glow, can use each element only once every 3 post. *does medium damage*

Level 2 power: Has all the powers the lower levels have. 30 MP needed to unlock
Holy- Kuja is able to use one the most powerful white magic spells to harm his foes with blinding light as a single beam of holy light shots out of all seven orbs that are created by Takai, the beams will then go after one or up to seven targets before harming said targets and even more so if the target is weak against holy magic. Can only be used once every 4 post. *does heavy damage*

Level 3 power: Has all the powers of the lower levels have 40 MP needed to unlock
Flare Star- Flare star is a special attack that Kuja has that only he can do it is an upgraded form of the spell Flare as it can hit many targets at once instead of just one. When he uses this the magical orbs that Takai created will glow crimson red before Kuja fires them at targets and after the orbs get close to the target, hits the target, and/or hits the ground they will explode harming anyone within five feet of where the orb went off, can only be used once every 5 post *each explosion does heavy damage*

Level 4 power: Has all the powers of the lower levels have 50 MP needed to unlock
Curaja- Curaja is the highest levels of the cure spell and as such it can heal most woulds right up so a person can be back up to just a little below of their max strength can only be used once every 10 post

Level 5 power: Has all the powers of the lower levels have 60 MP needed to unlock
Ultima EX- Ultima EX is mostly just like the normal Ultima spell but it is 20% stronger as the beams of energy that fly out of Kuja are 20% bigger and the explosion is bigger as well. When used Kuja charges up his body with energy before he releases it and ten large beams of energy crash into the surrounding area making explosions forty feet large, can only be used once per 20 post. *Massive damage*

Bad qualities: He cannot use any of his spells in this form, he will be unable to fight for a certain amount of time if he uses higher levels of the trance when he turns back to normal, and even when he wakes up his body will be easier to harm with any type of magic or physical attacks.

Level 1: All magic and physical attacks do an extra 5% damage for 5 more post.

Level 2: All magic and physical attacks do an extra 10% damage for 10 more post.

Level 3: Cannot fight for 5 post and all magic and physical attacks do an extra 15% damage for 15 more post after he recovers.

Level 4: Cannot fight for 10 post and all magic and physical attacks do an extra 20% damage for 20 more post after he recovers.

Level 5: Cannot fight for 15 post and all magic and physical attacks do an extra 25% damage for 25 more post after he recovers.

THEY DON'T STACK UP, SO IF I AM AT LEVEL 5 WHEN I RUN OUT I ONLY OUT FOR 15 POST AND WEAK FOR 25 THAT IS ALL. Also Cannot fight means I am only able to retreat from a battle or wait my weak period out, and the post are general post that means mine and everyone else post need to add up to more than what ever for my weak period to be over.

History: Kuja's trance state is something that is a bit an unknown, he might of been given that power thanks to Garland but since Kuja was not able to use the trance state when he fought Zidane and Co. before hand it might just be a natural thing that happened. For when Kuja gained this power he had just been told by Garland that he was not immortal and that he was made to be replaced by Zidane soon after he died, so Kuja was sent over the edge into insanity as he wanted nothing else but to kill everyone so that he would not die alone. So by absorbing the souls stored inside the Invincible after it had destroyed Alexandra, he gained the trance state and used it to destroy Terra once and for all. After he did that he then sought out the Crystal, which is the source of all life, so that he could destroy it and take everyone else with him to the afterlife. He was defeated by Zidane and Co. for the last time but Kuja used his Ultima spell to kill off Zidane and Co., destroy the Crystal, and nearly killed himself as well. After doing that he died by using the last of his power to bring Zidane and Co. back from the afterlife, but now thanks to being brought back from the dead he seeks to use this power to destroy life but not because he is going to die but because he wants to.


OOC: I am really guessing on this thing, also I heard from Grizz that the whole spell thing was like this Fire 5, fira 10, firaga 15. So that is why I set up my cost for unlocking as such, if it is not right be gentle with your words this is the first Form I did that didn't come with an needed cost.

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Re: Trance State

Post by MrsGrizzley on Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:49 pm

Personally, I like it.

Yeah, so far as I am aware the MP cost of spells is rather low as an offset for the fact that we have very little MP to throw around to begin with.

I don't see anything wrong with it as far as I can tell, but if Roxas has any issues he's welcome to seek clarification. Everything seems fairly straightforward.



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