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Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

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Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

Post by Roxas on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:29 am

Okay, so before I post the template, here are some rules that you you MUST follow while making your weapons or armors.

-Always use the template no matter what, even if you have to hurry and make your Weapon/Armor because your computer is going to explode use the template. It makes things easier for us to read and makes approval quicker.

-Make sure you know what you are doing before you post because then you will just be wasting our time and prolonging the approval of other peoples weapons. Know the name, type and everything else of you weapon beforehand, make it suitable to your fighting style. Remember a warrior is only good as the weapon he uses.
Master Yoda wrote:Chose the right weapon, you must.

-Guns of solid ammo are not allowed expect for cannons or energy based and even that they will be weak.

-Try and make your description detailed, it makes it easier for people to understand what you are using and how it works. It also helps you get on our good side.

-Remember all starting members who want to use a keyblade must start with a Kingdom Keyblade.

-If you are a canon character, you have to use the weapons that they have. Example, if you are Demyx, you have to use his sitar, or if you are Xigbar, then you have to use his guns. Grizzy Edit: Canons may not begin play with a Keyblade unless they are shown to use one, however they can learn to use a Keyblade in the course of play provided they follow the rules for such.

That's it for the time being. If I see problems arising, I'll more than likely add more rules.

Weapons Template

Name: (What is the name of the weapon?)

Type of Weapon: (Is it a Keyblade? a Sword? a Gun?)

Primary/Secondary: (Weapon you normally use? (Primary) Or a weapon you use in certain occasions? (Secondary))

Description: (What does your weapon look like?)

Elemental Alignment: (What element is the weapons effect most aligned to? If it has no effect, you can exclude this section.

Ability/Function: (Does your weapon have a certain ability? What does you weapon do?)

Close/long range: (Is your weapon made for close combat or fighting from afar?)

History: (What is the history of your weapon? How was it made? How were you able to obtain it? What have you used it for thus far?)

Pictures: (Post a picture of your weapon here if you desire to do so, if not, that's fine. This just helps us to get a clear picture in our mind.)

Armor Template

Name: (What is the name of your Armor?)

Ability/Function: (Does your armor have any special abilities?)

Protection: (How does your armor protect you? What does it guard against?)

Description: (Describe what your armor looks like. *Picture acceptable*)

History: (How was this armor made? How did you obtain it? How has it helped you in the past?)

Keyblades and Dual Wielding

I know that since this site is about Kingdom Hearts most of you will probably want to use a Keyblade. Here are some rules and guide lines to follow.

All new members that wish to use a keyblade MUST start off with the Kingdom Keyblade.

100+ posts- once you reach 100 posts, you may upgrade to another one of the various keyblades that you use throughout the game, or you may build a custom design of your own.

500+ posts- once you have 500 posts or more, you may then make your second keyblade. That's right, you get to dual wield! This also goes for any other weapon in which you wish to have two of, such as firearms, knives, swords, or any other weapons not listed. If you do not have 500 posts or higher, you WILL NOT be allowed to use twin weapons or even two weapons at the same time.

1000+ posts- once you reach 1000 posts, you get the opportunity to create your third keyblade.

3000+ posts- once you reach 3000 posts, you get the chance to make your fourth, and final keyblade.

At 500 posts you are allowed to request to become a Duel wielder such as myself. You MUST pm me requesting this, then either myself or another admin will either analyze your rp skills or fight you personally to see if you can handle it. At times one of admins may open a sort of tourney to see who is the best of the best out of the keyblade wielders.

Here is a list of Keyblades from the Kingdom Hearts Series. I will put your names next to the one you own. To obtain these Keyblades you Must have 100+ posts and ask me in a pm. Then you have to make the usual weapon page with its description. When it is approved you should try and make a rp thread where you obtain it so it makes sense. I left the Ultima, Fenrir, Acrossing Two, and the Proof of Victory out because they are too powerful for anyone to use. I also left out the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper because they can only be used by Sora or myself.

Available Keyblades:
Kingdom Key
Rumbling Rose
Circle of Life
Three Wishes
Hidden Dragon
Star Seeker
Sweet Memory
Hero's Crest
Follow The Wind
Wishing Lamp
Diamond Dust
Jungle King
Metal Chocobo
Fairy Harp
Lady Luck
Photon Debugger
Mysterious Abyss
Fatal Crest
Bond of Flame
Deceive Pumpkin
Guardian Soul
Devine Rose

Canon Characters who dual wield are exempt from this Rule
These next Weapons belong to the Organization members and only them, they cannot be copied by anyone at all.

Xemnas - Aerial Blades
Xigbar - Gun Arrow Launchers
Xaldin - Six Lances
Vexen - Large Shield
Lexaeus - Large Tomahawk
Zexion - Lexicon
Saix - Claymore
Axel - Chakram
Demyx - Sitar
Luxord - 52 Playing Cards
Marluxia - Pink Scythe
Larxene - Knives
Roxas - Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades
Xion- Divine Rose Keyblade

That will be all for now, Remember to follow these rules and regulations!

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Re: Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

Post by Xion on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:38 am

im not on teh list Dx and you forgot a keyblade (sorry lol)

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Re: Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

Post by Roxas on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:07 am

You are now on the list lol. Sorry about that Xi.

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Re: Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

Post by DahliaBlackwood on Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:22 am

You are still missing a few keyblades such as Stroke Of Midnight and Treasure Trove.

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Re: Weapons/Armor Rules and Template

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