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Sixth Sense

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Sixth Sense

Post by Kuja on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:14 am

Name: Sixth Sense

AP Cost: None

Class: Supplementary

Element: N/A

Effect: Sixth Sense allows Kuja to detect the magical signatures of other beings, in short he is able to sense the AP of another being be that a zombie mage, possessed suit of armor, human, demon, Genome, heartless, nobody and what not. Now it isn't that great since long range sensing is very difficult as all beings have some limited amount of magical energies in them and at longer ranges it starts to blur all together.

But if someone was to come within fifteen feet of Kuja he would know instantly but another side effect of this is if a spell is fired at him he will noticed it if it comes within twenty feet of him as the magical energies put out by a spell is far easier to notice than the magical energies hidden in another creature's body.

History: Kuja had gained the ability to use this sort of power due to his deep study of the mystic arts of magic, and also due to how he was constructed as such to have powers like this. It would be rather annoying if the angel of death was to be blind sided and killed so easily, though long range assassinations are still very dangerous. Kuja learned of that when he just barely avoided getting an arrow through the chest on one of his little trips, luckily those sniper nobodies use energy arrows and they gave off magical energy.

((I am more than willing to to lower the range of the stuff, not exactly sure what I can and can't get away with on this. And yes if you were to have 0 MP this wouldn't help detect you, no magic to detect...))

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Re: Sixth Sense

Post by MrsGrizzley on Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:34 am

Okay, so given that the AP means MP . . .

Still, a completely non-magical long-range attack could catch him by surprise . . .

I'm hesitant about those distances, but unless someone says otherwise I suppose they could be okay.



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