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It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

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It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:54 pm

Squall gripped the handle of his gunblade which was leaned against the wall of his apartment in Radiant Garden. He felt the rubber that coated the handle of his lethal weapon, the grip being expertly tailored to his hand and fingers. This was always a defining moment in his day. It told him how well the day would go. Normally it was well. A warrior was always happy when he had his weapon at hand. Some days though, he just needed a day off, but he never got one. The feeling would always disappear the following day, but it troubled him that he even had one of those days out of how many. One was a million to many in his eyes. He flipped the gunblade up and spun it around in his hand which was clad in black leather gloves. As it finished its wide arc it slid into the clip which held it at his waist. A flick of his wrist and the harness was snapped together and it was allowed to hang freely at his hip, just like a gun slinger, and not to unlike a swordsmen. This method of carrying did however present a slight danger when running, as the blade was unsheathed at all times. Sheaths were for those amateurs who sought only to hinder their weapons progress in exchange for a bit of safety.

Raising his other hand up he ran a hand along the scar that had made its home across the bridge of his nose and down onto the top right of his left cheek. As he finished swiping it across his face, he pushed open the wooden door to the outside city streets of the city. The sun gleamed in his eyes as he stood upon the wooden banister looking down into an alleyway below. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a black leather vest with fur sticking out from the collar. His hair was rather unkept, but he didnt mind. A true warrior did not give a flying hell about the way his hair looked. He had a handsome face and that was enough to satisfy him.

He leaped onto the banister that created a railing to prevent people from falling off of the stairwell and did a black flip, kicking off with his legs, also clad in black, finishing the motion by landing on the roof of his apartment complex. He now had his back to the sun, his gunblade sending off a glare of reflecting light to his left. He quicklky scanned the rooftops for signs of life but was coming up short at the moment. This was how he always started his day. Only the craftiest of crooks came up to these levels, and it was only them, that he was interested in finding.

Finally he spotted someone, three roofs forward and three to the left. That was good, he wouldnt have to back track so his blade wouldnt give him away do to its correlation with the sun and his hip. He took off at a dead sprint, black boots slamming on the pavement. He reached the first gap and launched his whole body across the space of the alleyway, clearing it with ease. One did not master a gunblade without learning great agility. The rest of the forward gaps were the same, each cleared as easily as the first. Then he turned to the left, and continued on. The next gap, again cleared, but then the person heard his clomping boots, and immediately took off running. Civilians did not run, the man was a criminal.

As he cleared the last gap, Squall uncliped his weapon form his belt and swung it up into perfect line with the runner. He did not even need to take aim before firing, and nailing the man in his naked back with a ball of fire. By the time Squall landed, his blade was again safe and anything but harmless at his side. He landed kneeling and looked up at his bald, shirtless, shoe less, raggedy jean-ed target. That was another one caught with ease. Squall didnt utter a word as he took his hand cuffs and cuffed his hands behind his back.

He wasnt a guard, but a bounty hunter, and he had been making daily hits since two weeks ago, leaving each one unconscious at the guards HQ. Eventually they would let him in. He considered this an application process. This one was already knocked out from the blast. Squall had recognized him from his wall of wanted thieves, this one was petty, but had also just started. Petty thieves who were able to grow in experience quickly became crime lords. He had just prevented a potential major crisis. Not bad for five minutes on the job. this was probably attributed to the fact that he lived in the rough part of town. He bent down next to the man and checked his pulse with two fingers to make sure he was alive.

As easy as that was, it was more trouble then what your worth kid.


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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Zassou on Mon Mar 15, 2010 8:30 pm

A Portal of Darkness appeared in one of the back alleys of Radiant Garden. Axel stepped out, looking from side to side. No one was in the near vicinity. Every person within sight was on the main road, heading to and from the different stores that littered the area. Axel started off at a brisk pace, keeping his hood down. Not many people here would be able to recognize him as a member of the Organization. It wasn't like every person who walked the streets of this world even knew what a Nobody looked like.

The sun shone brightly against his back as he walked out of the alley and started walking to the right, heading towards the ruffer part of the world. His hands clenched and unclenched as he thought of Roxas. He hadn't seen his friends in awhile and he was determined to find him. Nothing was going to stop him from finding the boy or hindering his search in any way. That was the reason he was heading to the bad part of Radiant Garden. It would be much easier to get answers there than here in the part of town that sported all the richer folk.

Axel looked up at the sun and smiled. He remembered the day he and Roxas had first met. The boy had been just like a zombie at first until he had started to open up. A light chuckle came forth from Axel's chest and he grinned. His sea green eyes twinkled brightly as he stared up the sun. Light reflected off them, giving him the look that he was a happy man just enjoying his day. Axel shook his head and turned his attention back to the road before him. He couldn't risk being surprised in any way.

A shout reached Axel's ears from off to his right. He turned and looked over, seeing a man collapse from some sort of attack. He raised his brow quizzacly as he saw another man appear and start speaking to the collapsed man. Axel's curiosity got the best of him so he created a Portal of Darkness and stepped through.

The portal appeared behind the man who had attacked the other man. Axel him over, taking in his brown hair, jacket with the white fur and the black pants. The man also wielded a strange weapon which looked like it was a gun and a sword fused together. Axel shook his head and just stood there, looking at the man.

"Strange weapon you have there. Mind telling me what it is?"

Axel kept watching the man as he waited for his answer. His attention had completely faded from the unconsious man on the ground. It was now fully focused on the weapon this man had at his side. It wasn't quite as strange as the Keyblade but it was still strange enough to pique his curiosity.

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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Xion on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:01 am

Xion had already been in Hallow Bastion having no idea why she was there she saw countless heartless roaming around. Mostly shadows but she would not attack them because most of them just roamed around did not attack. A few had already tried to attack her but she wiped them out the other heartless just loomed around...almost seemed to be hiding but she wasn't sure.

Xion kept on walking until she found a fountain of some sort she looked in inside and saw a girl staring back at her. It wasn't herself. The girl staring back at her smiled brightly while Xion frowned at it. The female in the water ha blond hair and ocean blue eyes that looked like Xion's. She couldn't figure out the girls name but felt she knew her somehow She shook her head and moved away from the fountain continuing to walk on her own. She soon approached a wall and looks over the short ledge. She saw an ever flowing sea "today is just one of those days.........." She said before turning around and a small shadow heartless was behind her. It didn't not attack it just seemed to tare at her and move the way most heartless do when they are not wondering around. She moved away from it and kept walking the little shadow seemed to follow.

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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:37 pm

Squall stood up as a voice spoke out to him from behind. The voice was not one that Squall was familiar with, and more so unnerving had been the question he had been asked. The man, for it was undeniably a mans voice, had asked about his gunblade. No doubt that meant only one thing. He was not a resident of Garden. The fact that he had approached Squall, especially at this exact moment, was highly suspicious. And now here he was, with it strapped to his side, if push came to shove, hed have to take the time to procure it again, which was a slight moment wasted. Squall hated wasted time, especially in a battle, where wasting time was deadly.

He began running options through his mind. If he turned and attacked right away, he would have the advantage of surprise. However, his weapon was harnessed and he was not sure what this man wanted. It would be best to hold off on being offensive for the time being. Instead he simply turned around and stared the man square into the eye, and quite a sight he came to be met with.

The man stood about Squall's height, a bit taller, an inch or two no more. This however was amplified by his spiky red hair which made him seem taller then he actually was. He was clad in a black cloak complete with a hood which was thankfully down at the moment so Squall was able to fully read out the mans physique facial wise. This was good. As he had spun around he had also taken a step back in the same motion, putting about 5 feet of distance between them, barely over a meter and a half worth of space. He had no desire to be that close to someone who had been able to sneak up on him like that. His hand reached down and palmed the handle of his weapon, showing that he was not going to relax for the moment in this man's prescience, even going so far as to unclipped the top strap, the other two could be released with a slight flick of his thumb, and the blade would be available to wield.

Give me one good reason.....

These words were uttered in a calm and cool voice, not in the least bit stressed. As he spoke, which would divert the mans attention for only a moment, he flicked open the last two clips on his holster, spinning the weapon in his palm and lunging at the man, using two hands to wield the sword this time. He was on him in a flash, clearing the distance in no time thanks to his superb speed. However, his attack was slightly slowed, allowing the man ample time to defend himself. He was not aiming to kill the man, not yet. As he brought the sword down in diagonal motion, trying to slash the man across his chest, he finished his phrase, but it did not seem like the sentence had been broken at all. Granted his words now were said with a slightly more strain in his vocal pattern.

........why I should tell you that.

Squall now had the upper hand, for this guy didnt know the secrets of the gunblade he was sure. He had knowledge, and he had yet to come across any weapon so intricate yet simple in its design as the gunblade, hence why he favored it.


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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Zassou on Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:40 pm

Axel raised his brow as the man turned and looked at him. The person standing in front of him had a scar crossing the bridge of his nose and ended at the top of his left cheek. The index finger on Axel's right hand twitched as they stared each other in the eyes. Axel's sea green eyes met the man's light blue ones. A sort of fire seemed to burn behind Axel's, burning into the other man's eyes. Axel winked at him and then stepped back, putting a few feet in between them.

He could tell just by the way the other man looked at him that he wasn't trusted. Axel shook his head, it probaly had something to do with him sneaking up on the guy without a sound. His eyes widened slightly as he saw him flick open the top strap of his holster. Axel's eyes traveled down to the blade, taking in the handiwork put into it. It was like a sword but it had a gun as the handle. Axel speculated that it could be used as a gun also, seeing how it had a barrel along with the blade. A smile of admiration crossed his lips as he continued to watch the blade, admiring its beauty.

The voice of the brown haired man brung him back from his musings. He lifted his head from looking at the blade and cocked his head to the side. As soon as Axel raised his head the man was already moving, swinging at his chest with the odd weapon. Time seemed to slow down as Axel watched the man move closer and closer. Many thoughts ran through his head, one being that there was the possibility that he could die here. He contemplated jumping out of the way or even opening up a Portal of Darkness and just leaving the man here. Out of all his thoughts, the one he chose was the wildest and the one that would probaly initiate a fight.

Axel raised his hand up as time returned to normal. The blade was almost touching his outstretched palm when flames started swirling and were replaced by a single red and silver chakram that rested perfectly in Axel's hand. The blade struck the weapon Axle had called forth and made sparks fly. Axel grimaced slightly with the force of the blow, but kept his arm strong, keeping the blade well above his chest. His face moved closer to the other man's and a snarl issued forth from his mouth.

"Now, now. I was just being curious. But, seeing how you attack me and all, it looks like I gotta do something about that."

Axel stepped back from the man, his other chakram appearing his hand as he did so. He stood, staring at the man while spinning the two weapons around. A Portal of Darkness appeared behind him and he stepped through, smiling at the man. Just as suddenly the portal appeared behind the man and Axel stepped out. His footsteps on the concrete gave him away but he didn't care. He just stood there, looking at the back of the man's head, wondering if the guy would realize he was behind him.

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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:42 am

The gunblade sailed straight through the air and found its mark on a circular bladed weapon that the man wileded with expert timing and precision. As the two blades met, both oddly shaped for certain, a few sparks sailed through the air and a drawn out ching noise resounded in the area as metal clashed with metal. Squall could feel the arms of the opponent buckle slightly from the force of his blow, but managed to keep him at bay to a certain extent. Squall pushed a bit harder and pushed the man sliding back a few inches. The man then proceeded to get in his face and snarl back at his earlier remark. It seemed that Squall initiated a battle, which was his intention. Now that the bait had been taken, his instincts and senses were on high alert, but he wasnt at all expecting what happened following that.

The man stepped back away from him quickly, and as Squall began to step forward to move into an upward strike at the mans chin, another one of the strange weapons appeared in the mans hand, and a portal appeared behind him. He was momentairily stunned. He had not seen a power quite like that before, and apparently this guy meant business. He stepped back into the portal, and Squall focused his mind once again. Now was not the time to be awestruck by something. He could triffle over it later. He did know a few things though. That portal of sorts had to work both ways, because his opponent was far from done. By the words he had spoken and brining forth another weapon signified that he was preparing for more battle. If the man had extreme control over those portals, he could possibly come out anywhere. This man seemed to be dangerous. He had to be prepared for an attack coming from any angle.

It was from the back though, that the man reappeared. Squall's hair stood up on the back of his neck as the portal opened up behind him, and his senses told him there was someone coming behind him. Without missing a beat, he twisted his wrist and elbow and the gunblade rested on his shoulder pointing straight back at the man as he stepped out. The blunt edge was resting on his coat with the bladed, curved side pointing upward. The barrel was aimed right between his eyes. Squall looked over his shoulder and looked directly at the man.

This handy tool of mine can shoot off a blast of fire strong enough to knock you on your ass. All I have to do is pull the trigger. Tell me what your doing in my town, I know your not from here. What are your intentions.

Squall glared at the red haired man with all the seriousness in his heart. He was very dedicated to protecting his home world, and anyone who tresspassed on that santuary, was his to demolish. If his adversarary so much as moved, or made any threatening inclination, Squall would fire, and the man would get a face full of fire.


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Re: It could be calm, it could be chaos, you make the move, Ill react in kind. (Open 4 others MAX)

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