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Niles' Tsutsu

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Niles' Tsutsu

Post by Niles Wakefield on Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:07 am

Name: Tsutsu

Type: Gun

Element: Non-elemental

Effect: Delivers more damage to the enemy than his average guns. The gun is able to fire burst of energy at much faster rate then an average fire arm.

Happy Trigger Finger.
Allows Niles to fire all 8 of burst of energy at one time.

Description: It is a shinny silver one handed 50 caliber magnum. The gun has a black handle, which padded allowing for lesser recoil. The less recoil allows for a faster in between firing time. Contain a round barrel chamber which hold ten .45 bullets. Its long double neck barrel allows for a stronger faster firing of the bullet. Its trigger is much lighter allowing for the shooter to fire faster.

History: Niles was young when his father got into trouble with the mob. His father was actually a member of the mob; he was one of there crime bosses. His father was a skilled assassin able to kill someone with a bullet all while drinking a cup of coffee. When his father decided to leave the mob in order to provide a life of safety to his new born baby boy and bride the mob did not take this so kindly. What were they without Michael Curry? They put a hit out on Michael; who for the safety of wife and kids left. His father left him a gift before he left; the gun was this gift. It was his father’s best weapon.


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Niles Wakefield

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Re: Niles' Tsutsu

Post by Shade Leonhart on Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:23 pm

Like Grizz pointed out in your template ((at least I thought she did)) there's no usage of bullets in KH, so they would have to be like bursts of energy of whatever specific kind you choose.

So if you could re-word this around a bit for when one of those Mods come to look at this, it'll save time to get you approved.

*smacks you anyway even though you're not a moogle here*
Shade Leonhart
Attitude Adjuster
Attitude Adjuster

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Re: Niles' Tsutsu

Post by Niles Wakefield on Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:41 am

alright thanks KIn

Love ya.....*huggles and rapes*

Do i have to create a template to use Kingdom Keyblade?

Niles Wakefield

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Re: Niles' Tsutsu

Post by MrsGrizzley on Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:40 pm

Well, others have created Templates for the Base Kingdom Key.

I know that Sora did his, but his isn't exactly basic. *shrug*

As for this weapon . . .

Non-Elemental bursts of energy . . . I still get a kick out of you describing it as a 50 cal *and* using .45 cal bullets, which are COMPLETELY incompatible with each other. Have you ever seen a 50 cal? That's an Elephant gun or a long-range sniper round. A 45 is a horse pistol. *giggle* Seriously, Kich, it's FUNNY.

I don't see anything BLINDINGLY objectionable, but if someone else does, I figure they'll speak up.

In the meantime . . .



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Re: Niles' Tsutsu

Post by Sponsored content

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