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Big Daddy *Ratchet's summon*

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Big Daddy *Ratchet's summon*

Post by Kuja on Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:07 am

Name: Big Daddy

Race: Robot

Description: When Ratchet summons big daddy a portal opens up that drops big daddy off in the area of the fight, this is used just to get it into the fight and to take it out of the fight when it looses. Big Daddy looks like a large man in a armored diving-suit with a large drill on his right hand, with lots of different valves and tubes connected to his body on his back. He stands seven feet tall and weights three hundred pounds thanks to his body, his drill is a weapon so it pretty much impossible to break and can be used to drill into people to harm them.

Purpose: Protection of an Area or a person, as well as a friend of sorts.
Drill Rush: Big Daddy revs up his drill before he charges at very high speeds at a single person to shove the drill into the person at high speed and power. This causes light non-elemental damage to one person and can't be blocked with anything less than a spell or another summon's attack.

Ion canon: Big Daddy aims his left hand at a person before the palm of the hand opens up and fires out a thin, fast, accurate, and powerful beam of energy at a person. The beam deals out medium non-elemental damage to a target. ~2 post cool down~

Iron Curtain: Big Daddy produces a defensive field around himself and three others that protects those people from magical attacks for four of my post. ~6 post cool down~

Origins: Big Daddy is a robot that was made by Ratchet using parts that he bought with the money he ears from Kuja for doing work for the genome, as well as the parts that Yuffie gave him in exchange for fixing up her airship for her and adding some things to it as well. The machine was made to be a father of sorts for Ratchet as he always wanted a daddy and the machine does show a general concern for Ratchet's well being due to the fact it seems to become enraged by the young heartless getting hurt at all. This protective function is a main thing about Big Daddy and thus the robot is very powerful in defense and such but its ability to deal out damage is limited quite a bit.


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Re: Big Daddy *Ratchet's summon*

Post by Riku on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:40 am

...You're KIDDING.

...No more Bioshock for you.

That aside, this is solid. Just a couple things.

I imagine SOME Weapons could block the drill. The weapons of Cloud, Vexen, Saix and Goofy come to mind.

And what kind of protection does Iron Curtain impart? Is it Shell? Or some kind of Resist?

(If you've play Megaman Battle Network, I'm thinking you mean this to work like the Aura Chips.)

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Re: Big Daddy *Ratchet's summon*

Post by Kuja on Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:22 pm

Eh it just looks like the bioshock character, this is a robot not a genetically altered man.

Also steel the drill rush is a Summon attack and would be more like a spell than a random swing, that is why it shouldn't be blockable with a sword as you couldn't block a small laser fired from a robot with your sword.

When the drill is just being used as a normal attack ya know swing it around and just trying to drill a person a new hole, then yes block it to your hearts content.

Not sure how much protection to give, yet again not used to no MP summons. Got any suggestions?

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Re: Big Daddy *Ratchet's summon*

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