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Yuffey the Heartless

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Yuffey the Heartless

Post by Yuffie on Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:11 pm

Name: Yuffey Kisaragi

Gender: female

Age: 18

Race: heartless

Home World: Radiant Gardens

Appearance: Her eyes are red, as opposed to the violet eyes her nobody, Yuffie has. Yuffey has a regular red headband with black lining. She wears an unzipped, black combat vest with a red straps dangling from the right pocket overtop a grey tank top with red floral designs. She wears a black wristband on her right wrist and a red, fingerless glove on her left arm. Her shorts are slightly darker and have another black strap dangling from the left side. Yuffey also wears black, knee-high socks with red stripes at the top underneath black boots that are slightly shorter than her socks. Yuffey uses a 5-Point Shuriken from as her weapon.

Personality: For the most part, Yuffey doesn't want the nobody Yuffie to have a nice life. Ruthless and unfeeling almost all the time, she makes just as good an ally to a bad guy as she does an annoyance. Once her deeper motives are discovered, however, she is found to be a selfish person.

Elemental Mastery: Primary: Darkness
Secondary: Water
Tertiary: Wind

Weapons: Kunais, shuriken

Job: A mercernary with her own motives in search of Yuffie

Summons: no summons

Spells: no spells

Fighting Style: Long-ranged and short-ranged, depends on her opponent

Alignment: Neutral

Affinities: good at fighting at any range, sneak attacks, and stealing

Weaknesses: making sure to make her nobody's life evil at any cost, even her own life

History: Yuffie was born and raised on the island of Wutai where generations of ninjas have long called home. A particularly nefarious and conniving child, Yuffie stole from travelers without second thought. However, her greed for more Materia brought her back to the traveling AVALANCHE team where she finally met her match with Cloud Strife. She then joined the team and helped them out in their fight against Sephiroth and Shinra, Inc.

But to follower her new team she had to go to Hallow Bastion, where Cloud was chasing Sephiroth. She met new people that soon joined the team, but after nine years she and her team were together, their town was soon destroyed.

The team then moved to another place called Traverse Town where she found Sora and dragged him back to the hotel.

After Sora leaves the hotel with the new information. Yuffie went out walking only to have met with a group of heartless. She was alone, and figured that she could take them. As she was fighting a Crimson Jazz knocked her unconscious while a Wizard Heartless shocked her with a thunder attack eight times. Yuffie died after the last shock and in the bodies place was then a heartless. A heartless who could feel her other side, the nobody, who was always there. Yuffey decided that she was going to hurt this nobody because of the happy emotions that filled her from this "Yuffie".

Pictures: kinda hard to find a pic like that, but i will do my best to fix up a pic


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Re: Yuffey the Heartless

Post by Kuja on Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:29 pm

I asked Grizz and Riku about this before I did this. They both agree with me.....soooo.


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