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Wrench *Ratchet's weapon*

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Wrench *Ratchet's weapon*

Post by Kuja on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:06 pm

Name: Wrench

Type of Weapon: Giant Wrench

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Description: The Wrench is just what it is called a wrench.....just this one is much much larger than any normal one and far stronger than a normal one as well, the Wrench has two heads with one on each end of it. On the wrench there is a small heartless symbol as well which was placed there by Ratchet, the only other main difference is the fact the Wrench's metal is very good at being used to conduct electrical energy and magnetic energy. Also wrapped around the middle part is leather that has wires in it, the leather is for a good grip but the wires are to ensure that even that part of it is able to conduct electrical energy.

Elemental Alignment: Lighting

Ability/Function: Ion Pulse: The weapon is able to store the extra electrical energy that Ratchet produces and so it gathers up quite a bit of energy, after so much time it contains enough energy that Ratchet is able to unleash a pulse of lighting from it. The pulse is directed toward any direction from the weapon's body and takes the form of a shock wave of electrical energy, it will deal out light lighting damage and can only be used once per post.

Magnetic: The weapon is charged with energy that makes it return to Ratchet when ever he produces a very special charge, this means if Ratchet was to throw the Wrench at someone he could call it back to him as well.

Close/long range: Close

History: The wrench weapon is not exactly all that special in how it was created due to how it only required him to melt some special highly conductive and strong metal, pour the metal mix into a mold and then forge it to be strong yet very though. After that he worked on placing his little heartless mark on the thing and then wrapping strips of leather around the middle part to give it some extra grip though the leather also has wire in it so it conducts electrical energy as well. With this he gained a great weapon as well as a fairly good shield.


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Re: Wrench *Ratchet's weapon*

Post by Roxas on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:24 am

Looks pretty good Kuja. Approved.

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