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Ratchet the Mechanic

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Ratchet the Mechanic

Post by Kuja on Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:38 am

Name: Ratchet

Gender: Male

Age: three years old *that is a long life for a heartless due to how they tend to get killed in large numbers*

Race: Heartless

Home World: Castle Oblivion

Appearance: Ratchet has blackish blue skin as well as having two small antennas on his head that look a lot like the antennas of shadow heartless just a tad bit curlier, his eyes are the same glowing amber colored orbs that most if not all heartless have, his height is only 4'6" so he isn't that tall but his short stature makes him a scrappy bugger, his weight is hard to guess due to how his body is mostly made of darkness not real physical flesh. But to guess it would be only a hundred pounds though yet again it is hard to guess the correct weight of a heartless.

His outfit consist of blue overalls that has the heartless symbol on the chest area and has a red patch on the left knee, he has a small brown belt that he wears that has a silver buckle that also has the heartless symbol on it. He wears fingerless gloves that are made of a tan colored fabric, that is held closed by a band of brown leather. His feet are covered in heavy duty brown work boots that have metal studs all through the tip of it, they seem to be steel toe boots as well due to how dropping things on his feet don't bother him that much.

To finish up his look he wears a red scarf around the lower part of his face to hide his mouth, which is only visible due to how it seems to be a zigzag line on his face that opens up much like a bear trap. On his head he has a pair of goggles that have red lenses set into a black frame. Also most of the time you will find him wearing a tool belt that he uses to help him fix or create new machines or gadgets.

Personality: Ratchet is a very curious being and as such he loves to take things apart and put them back together, this is partly why he tends to be working in a garage or buying parts for some weird device. He is always trying to tinker with things, but at the same time he is a bit of a shy creature. It mostly due to how he knows that most beings kill heartless on sight so he tries his best to avoid others, out of his fear of being killed though if pressured he will fight with the savage nature of a heartless. All in all Ratchet is a quiet, inventive, yet dangerous being that only wants to enjoy his new found freewill and thinking abilities

Elemental Mastery: Primary- Lightning
Secondary- Darkness
Tertiary- Earth

Weapons: Giant Wrenches, Spears, and cannons

Job: Summoner

Summons: N/A

Spells: N/A

Fighting Style: Ratchet is the type to keep moving around during a fight due to how he is not exactly one to enjoy sitting still, he also will try to knock a person onto their back to make it easier for him to jump on them and go postal on the person's face with his wrench. When he fighting a dangerous person though he might switch to a spear weapon as well as cannon weapons to keep them away from his body, though normally the cannon weapons are used when he is wearing his special armor to keep from getting knocked back by the kick back of such a weapon. He also has access to summons though most are machines he created and such, some are even animated by putting a heartless into it and having the little mindless thing obey his commands.

Alignment: Neutral

Affinities: Ratchet has very high magic and physical defense so harming him is a bit difficult due to that, he is very good with making things and fixing them as well. That also means he is able to work most things as well other than things that heartless are just simply not able to work due to seals or what not, he is also fairly fast on his feet so he can run and block stuff as well as dodge just not too well at it. Also he is fairly resistant to lighting attacks due to him being a Yellow Opera Heartless before he changed into what he is now.

Weaknesses: Ratchet has low magical attack power and physical attack power as he is more for defense than offensive attacks against people, he is not very good with talking to people as he is sort of shy when it comes to talking to strangers of any kind. Also due to him liking to work with machines and such the most he isn't the most outdoorsy time of heartless you will meat, and to add onto his short comings.......he doesn't like water magic at hurts him more than anything else due to it short circuiting him.

History: Ratchet's past before he was changed to a heartless is unknown even to himself due to how heartless rarely remember who they once were when they are created, but he does remember what he was before he became a thinking heartless like himself and that was a Yellow Opera Heartless. He remembers flying around using his little feet to kick the air and move him around, he also remembers shooting bolts of lighting at strange people who were running around killing his fellow heartless. But he could never remember why they were trying to kill him nor what they were trying to do in such a world anyway, all he could remember was the sound of heartless being hacked to bits all around him and just narrowly avoiding getting killed himself.

Ratchet is a very rare type of Heartless that had become self aware of his surroundings and no longer did things base on his instincts but based on what his mind wanted and what his rampant emotions wanted, he also faintly remembering things for three years two of which were carried out while in the form of just a little Yellow Opera that could not talk or interact with anything or anyone. That was until he reached the end of his second year of being aware as it seemed that he was slowly absorbing more energy as he lived and with that much time he finally grew strong enough to change his form, he quickly picked a form that seemed as close to human as possible which caused him to look far different than normal heartless and also he was naked as could be.

This had to be fixed quickly by the act of stealing some clothes from the humans that lived in a small town called Traverse Town as well as using the old yellow robe to make his new scarf, though due to his hatred of being such a thing for so long he used dyes to change it from yellow to red and wrapped it around his face to hide his rather disturbing mouth from everyone else in the world. It was then that he started to learn that his lightning powers allowed him control over magnetic fields that were very helpful for collecting metal that could be used for making some things, he also soon started to steal books that talked about how to make things and how to fix things. He only cared about it because it seemed to him......he never fixed things or made things ever in his entire life, he only destroyed things and broke to make things would be very fun indeed.

It was then that he started to steal bits of metal and parts to make machines from scratch but sadly this brought unwanted attention from the humans who wanted the thief captured, this caused wanted posters of him to be posted everywhere as most thought he was just a human wearing a heartless mask to hide his true identity and not an actually thinking heartless. It was during one of his normal stealing runs that he smashed right into the side of Koutetsu, that was enough to cause Koutetsu to lash out with his tail and smash Ratchet into a wall where he promptly passed out cold. When he came too he was in a strange room in an entirely new location, he was now in Castle Oblivion with no way out due to how magical wards were keeping him from disappearing into the darkness like most heartless can.

It was then that Kuja walked into the room that he was kept in and said "I never met a heartless like you before my little friend.....and I know you can talk. I can see it in those glowing eyes of yours, you are just like the self aware black mages I knew of back on Gaia. No matter how blank their faces where I always knew the difference between a puppet and a self aware one, now talk." Ratchet didn't like this but finally said "....w-who are you...." "I am Kuja, I am the ruler of this world and the owner of the dragon you ran into. Now who are you?" "....R-ratchet......what do you want....w-with me...." "I want you to work for me, I want to study you as well to see how you will change in time. I won't experiment on you more than simply taking a sample of you from time to time, and in exchange I will teach you and help you get more parts for you to make your devices with my little mechanic." said Kuja as he looked down at the small heartless being.

Ratchet rubbed his arm for a little bit then said "...O-okay...." Ratchet wasn't stupid as he knew that he would die if he said no but though he was sort of forced into working for Kuja he was happy almost to have people to talk to and also he had plenty of things to work on. It was actually Kuja that taught him how to fight with a spear and use firearms, but it was Ratchet choice to make a Giant Wrench weapon and to make his suit of armor. But that is another story entirely......


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Re: Ratchet the Mechanic

Post by MrsGrizzley on Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:01 pm

Well, I can't see anything hugely out of place here.

According to conversation in Chat, his Summoning is going to be mostly mechanical devices, so he'd likely be a Gadgeteer properly, but since his Gadgets would be Summons . . .

Meh, I guess it works.

Unless Roxas or Riku have a problem here . . .



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