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Burn baby burn

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Burn baby burn

Post by Kuja on Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:38 pm

OOC: Yes I am attacking yet another world, due to how the last one I did is now pretty much dead. Also I swear to the video game gods.......if I don't get a real resistance to my attack, well just don't expect this world to be all fine when I get through with it. Don't have to say it is dead, but it should be jacked up a bit. That is how you get a real site wide story started up, if a villain attacks a world and they win the fight. The world suffers from the lost, not a simple oh hum we lost sort of deal. Now come on and give me a real fight cause I'm not holding back on this one.

IC: Port Royal.......what an unfitting name for a location on worthless speck of a world where so called Pirates live, one might find the adventure, danger, treasure, and thrill of such a world quite enjoyable but when one takes a closer look they can see how truly worthless the world really is. Where one sees the streets of a port town another sees the filthy gutters from which all manners of worthless trash slither their way out, the so called beauty of these so called Royal Navy ships is in fact nothing more than rotting husk of wood filled with vermin and filth of all kinds.

To put simply this world was in dire need of being cleansed of its corruption and the best way to do it, was to burn it all down to the ground and start all over again. That is if anyone is live to start over......but then again humans are like matter how many you kill.....there is always a thousand more hiding under the rubble, but still the sounds of screaming humans as well as the beautiful colors of the flames would be more than enough enjoyment for the one known only as Kuja.

Now normally someone would think that he would simply try to take over the world and force it to work for him and increase his power, but Kuja knew better than to try such a foolish and rather boring tactic. He knew that no matter how hard he tries and no matter how much effort he puts into it, that world would never fully bow to his will and thus he would have to deal with insurgents and would-be hero's who think they can defeat him. And though such a thought amused him greatly, he knew that dealing with them would distract him enough that any true threats that have origins outside of the world could gather power without him knowing. So the prudent course of action would be to destroy every other world and leave his as the sole remaining one left in this realm, with that accomplished he would have more than enough control to do what ever he wishes with this strange strange realm.

Hence the fact that Port Royal now has a very big, very mean, and very destructive fire demon rampaging through its streets and burning everything down with the slightest touch, the thing's body did make it extremely easy to know where it is so people can more easily run away from where ever it is at. This demon was called Rage and for very good reason because the thing was pretty pissed off but it is always like that, it was at the current moment ripping apart part of the garrison in the port so it wasn't burning too much due to it being mostly made of stone but the wood framework under the stone was starting to catch fire. All the while Kuja was high up in the sky sitting on the back of his pet dragon Koutetsu watching Rage destroy everything in the area as already quite a few people have died from this attack, but the hero's of this world were no where to be found.

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Re: Burn baby burn

Post by Jenova on Sun Sep 05, 2010 10:44 am

From a delightful view along the cliff’s edge above town, Jenova watched the destruction play out before her eyes with a rather serene expression. She stood as motionless as a statue with only the wind whipping against the drapes of her long skirts and through the strands of her silver mane giving the only sign of motion from her. The flames continued to engulf the city as Kuja’s pet continued its wake of chaos. Even the screams of far below drifted up into her ears carried by the wake of the wind’s current.

She finally sighed. What a simple little world. One of the most primitive Jenova had ever come across during her entire existence; and Jenove had seen countless worlds and races. Devoured them actually. Yet this world, with hardly any appropriate means to defend itself against such power was simply bothersome. These people weren’t even worth her time to control or do her bidding as they were mere imbeciles by intelligence standards.

At least she found some sense of entertainment by deciding to tag along and witness Kuja’s power, even if it was simply to pass the time of sheer boredom.

There came an explosion from the shoreline. Yet another sailing vessel was left in shambles as the debris came soaring back down into the sea and scatter across the docks and sand. Still, even through the smoke that drifted in her direction, Jenova could still smell the stench of this putrid town. She spared a glance at her attire and a faint scowl of annoyance fell over her face at seeing the ash begin to cling to her clothing. Her hand gave a bothersome pat over the material as Kuja’s summons continued to play out its destruction below.


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