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Twins of Light and Darkness

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Twins of Light and Darkness

Post by Ventus on Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:03 pm

Name: Hikari and Yami

Race: Human

Description: This summon is a Twin summon, one cannot live without the other and if one is hurt the other feels the pain. When summoned the twins will have opposite personalities, Hikari having a nice, gentle personality, while Yami will have a mean, and ruthless personality. Hikari can somewhat holds Yami back when he goes a little too far in fighting, if it was just Yami, he would be too mean to control thus be unsummoned. Yami keeps Hikari going in a fight, so he doesn't have too much mercy to the point of him not attacking, if it was just Hikari he would be too nice and thus be unsummoned. Hikari uses the power of Light, while Yami uses the power of Darkness. Both Summons can fly.

Magic Cost: 30 MP

Purpose: Hikari will focus, on protecting an dgiving support to Yami. Yami will focus on nothing, but attacking the targets. Hikari will use all light attacks, and will use his gauntlets as weapons, as well be able to shoot small orbs of light at targets, this doing minor to medium damage, depending on target. (EX: Piece of wood- breaks into little pieces. A Person- a cut or two). Yami, will use his claws as weapons and will be able to turn his gauntlets into swords, this doing medium to above medium damage. (EX: Cinder Block- Into 2 pieces with 1 hard swing. A person- pretty much what any sword does to a person.)

Origins: Ventus, was walking in the woods, being carefree, as usual. Ven then heard a loud clank. "Huh?" Ven said when he heard it. He ran to the direction he heard it in. He saw two boys fighting, he hid the bushes so they wouldn't see him. "Come on Hikari, FIGHT HARDER!!!", yelled one of the boys. "You're not going to be stronger this way!!!" he screamed at the other boy, "Brother, I'm trying. I don't want to hurt you.", the red haired boy said. "Ugh, fine I will make you fight harder." He then jumped up and his gauntlet turned into a sword. He went down at the red haired boy, "Come on Hikari, FIGHT BACK!!!". The red haired boy then put his gauntlets out and shot a light orb at the other boy and hit him in the eye, "Yami, stop!" He yelled. The blast hit Yami in his eyes. "Ow, in the eye, again." He then crashed a few yards away from the red haired boy. He then got up, "Okay, good now lets keep going."

Ventus, moved a little and stepped on a twig. The black haired boy turned and looked at Ventus. "Hey, I can see you. How long are you going to hide?". Ven got up and but his hand behind his head awkwardly, "Hehe, nice fighting. Can I join?" Ventus asked. "Yeah, sure." Said the Black haired one. He then jumped at Ventus, pointing his sword at him. "Wow." Ventus said, and smashed his keyblade at Yami's pushing him to the ground. Ven then stepped over Yami and pointed his keyblade down at Yami's neck. "Hehe, do I win?" he asked jokingly. "Ugh." Yami said as he was defeated.

Ventus, stepped back away from Yami, "Rematch!" Yami said. "Okay." Ven replied,"But this time I fight both of you." Ven said, with a smile. "Fine have it your way. Hikari come on your fighting too!" He yelled. "O-Okay." Hikari said, as he flew behind Ven. "NOW!" Yami said. He jumped up doing the same thing again, pointing his sword at Ven. Hikari shot a orb at Ven, but Ven was to focused on Yami to see the orbs. They hit Ven in the back, he flinched and saw Yami swooping down at him. He blocked Yami's blade, but Yami then pulled out his other hand with the gauntlet, in sword form, he swung it at Ventus. Ven, being suprised ducked and jumped away. He then pushed himself as hard as he could at Yami, swing his Keyblade at him. Yami's sword got hit anjd broke his guard. Ventus then kicked him with his foot and pointed the keyblade at Yami's chest. Hikari the jumped from behind to hit Ventus, Ven jumped to the side and watched them hit each other. "Hahaha, I win again." Said Ven.

"Hey, here's a idea. How about you travel with me?" asked Ventus, "Then we can do this all the time." Yami got up, "Only if I get to beat you to the ground." Yami said. "Haha, deal." Ventus said. "Hikari your coming too." Yami said to him, "Okay. I'll follow Brother and New Master." He said.

Thus Ventus's Adventure with the Twins began.




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Re: Twins of Light and Darkness

Post by MrsGrizzley on Thu Sep 02, 2010 11:05 am

Okay, Venny, after talking with Roxas about what we were going to do, you can pull out the MP cost.

We don't use MP to Summon here.

If they had any special abilities or things like that those would need to be on a cooldown timer, but I don't see any right off bat.

So this looks good to me.




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