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Foundational Rules for the Site

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Foundational Rules for the Site

Post by MrsGrizzley on Fri Aug 27, 2010 3:30 pm

Foundational Rules for the Site

At the time that this site was originally created, there were a great number of rules which were understood, but not clearly stated. They were common on the other Kingdom Hearts sites and Final Fantasy sites that the players and staff had played, so that no one felt that these rules needed stating.

Apparently, they need stating.

One: Posts = Experience Points. Experience Points = Levels. Levels = Strength (Stats, HP, MP, whole nine yards). Individual ability to write and describe battle equates to the player's control of their character and the PLAYER's knowledge of when and how to use the abilities which have been gained during the course of play. Nothing more, nothing less. Yes, a canny player can do things with a LV 1 character that a less knowledgeable one can't do with a LV 50 character, but the LV 50 is still stronger.
Edit: As of recent developments on Site, this has changed. We are using a Point system for Experience that is related to the number of posts a player makes in certain areas and by their contributions to the Site as a whole. This, however, is remaining as evidence that there was a time when it was pure post count.

Two: Character Death is Serious Business. It means that the player who has lost their character has to start all over at 0 Post Count with a new character in a new account or wait for their friends to find a way to resurrect them, which is NEVER going to be easy to accomplish. Because of this, no one is allowed to land a killing blow on an opponent without the other player's informed consent as to the nature of the blow and the fact that it is the one that kills their character.

Three: Every Site is different and has different customs regarding rules and infractions thereof. Just because a rule or policy exists on another site does not necessarily mean that it exists here. KH Age Policy is determined by the Administration. And ONLY the Administration.

Four: Canon Characters are stronger than Custom Characters of Equal Post (Point) Count. There is more freedom to develop your own style and personality in a Custom Character, but there is more raw strength in a Canon, particularly certain Canon Characters. It's a trade-off.

Five: Staff Characters are stronger than Regular Characters, regardless of Canon or Custom status. This is generally because the Staff characters have more posts, and is merely a reflection of that understanding.

Six: Spells and Abilities get stronger with experience, which is Post (Point) Count. A 100 Post (Point) character using a Tier 1 Cure is not going to have the same raw effect that the same spell would have when cast by a 500 Post (Point) character. The same concept is with any other spell. Tier level is an exponential rise in strength, but the same Tier of spell does get stronger and do more raw damage as the Player gains in Posts.

Seven: We are here to have FUN, damnit!! Some of us have fun through friendly dueling, some of us have fun through emotional drama for our characters, some of us have fun by posting our characters doing random stuff for no reason other than the lulz, trying to ruin the fun of another player will make me angry and you won't like me when I'm angry.

These Foundational Rules are subject to alteration and addition as circumstances require.

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