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Post by Guest on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:04 am

So, can I have my original account unbanned because it was banned for a majorly BS reason?

And before I get banned again, making a second account was the only way I could get on here, so that rule is nullified.

Also, since I has most likely banned for posting in other peoples creation threads and disrespecting the administration, I would like to clarify two things:

A). Yes, common sense dictates that a member cant post in a character creation thread if they are not staff but, there are no rules stating that, so saying that I was banned for disregarding those rules in pointless, because there is no written rule. And Grizz, you did not tell me to stop completely. You asked me to refrain from, and I did. Until I say the chains post.

B). Disrespecting staff: Its kind of hard to respect staff who pull the administration card on you for clarifiying points and stating they didnt need to do anything because they are staff. Yes the "Im admin, just do it" works once. And you lose all credibility as a staff member, unless the site owner blesses you with massive amounts of favoritism.

Now, by posting in chains topic, i disregarded the "please refrain from" because the sheer BS that I saw regarding the modding of the weapons needed addressing.

If you dont know who I am at this point, please leave the site. Everyone after reading those two topics should know.

Oh, and thank you for the ban, considering I have a massive RP I am currently in that exceeds any RP youve done on this site and would actually help the site gain prestige and members.

Edit: And since its obvious that the banning procedure isnt known here, Ill enlighten everyone.

First offense: Warning. That would be, my chain post

Second offense: 1 day ban

Third offense: 5+ day ban

Since I automatically went to a 5 day ban, something is wrong here. 5 days for telling the staff what is wrong with their modding is excessive, and generally would result in the staff member being revoked from their position. And dont throw the site owner crap at me.


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Re: Unbanning

Post by Roxas on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:43 am

Caranore, dear Caranore...the reason you were banned was for your disrespect towards MrsGrizzley. She does an incredible job running this place and doesn't need anyone speaking to her in that manor. Now, moving on, we are all ears if you wish to ask us something or if you do not quite understand something, ask respectfully and don't be a deuche.

Since you so sincerely asked, your account shall be restored. I will email you with the details on the "caranore" account on this account. Thank you. Good day.

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Re: Unbanning

Post by MrsGrizzley on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:36 am

For the record, "refrain" is another way of saying "cease and desist".

I do my best not to descend into vulgarity on the site. It's unprofessional.

Also, I hope you weren't directing that little dig of yours regarding the quality of RP towards the Site in general. Shade regularly overposts, but we can't seem to get her to scale back and she enjoys it anyway. I've also regularly posted several hundred word posts including one thousand word post, which I don't often pull out. Kuja is VERY good at what he does, as well.

And as for the length of the posts in Roxas and Xion's thread? She's relatively new to RP and is still learning how to write her posts. He obviously doesn't want to threaten her by pulling out anything of the quality that, say, I would use, since I have a Bachelor's Degree in English as well as over twenty years experience in role-playing and almost thirty years in writing fiction. So be careful about throwing stones; I can see your glass house from here.


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Re: Unbanning

Post by Shade Leonhart on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:10 am

Hold up...

Now I know I'm not involved in what all this led up to, nor am I staff, but I came to this site out of a friend's request to help out. That, and I am a 37 year old adult that does not approve of being told what to do.

Koujetsu wrote:If you dont know who I am at this point, please leave the site

I just have one question, as an active member here.... WHY should I leave this site just because I don't know who YOU are? I've done nothing to you, nor have any other members who don't know you done anything against you either. Could you be just a little more respectful to others before telling them what they need to do in here?

Whatever problem you have with the staff, keep it among them. The other members have nothing to do with the issues here, so I'm speaking for them. That comment was simply uncalled for.
Shade Leonhart
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Re: Unbanning

Post by Sponsored content

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