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Sora's Drives: Anti Form

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Sora's Drives: Anti Form

Post by Sora on Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:05 am

Name: Anti Form

Appearance: Sora takes on a form similar to that of a Shadow Heartless. He moves in a very animalistic manner, usually utilizing his hands as well as his feet, and does not use a Keyblade. His skin becomes inky black and his eyes glow yellow. Dark energies rise up from his hands and his feet with black and violet wisps.

Strength: This is a relatively weak form. Sora lacks the ability to utilize his Keyblades, or his spells, or any other abilities he might have, instead relying on his hands and feet to protect himself, much like an animal.

Stamina: 10 of Sora's posts unless battle concludes or Kairi is present and is able to restore him. When he reverts to normal he is exhausted and cannot use any of the Drives for the rest of the thread.

Affinities: Sora attacks with his hands and is still somewhat self-aware. He is fairly strong with the weaponless attacks, but not as strong as he is with the Keyblade. He can kick and scratch and bite and leap as any beast of the wild. He is also very, VERY fast.

Weaknesses: This form cannot be intentionally utilized by Sora. It is the result of too much dependence on the Drives. While in this Form, Sora cannot use magic of any sort, nor utilize items or devices. This Form is activated instead of another Form when Sora wills the change. However, attempting to utilize a Drive while at 0 MP will always trigger either the Anti Form or the Final Form. While in this Form, Sora is considered to have no defense, worse than Wisdom in terms of his ability to take a strike.

History: When Sora gave up his Heart to restore Kairi's heart, he was transformed into a Shadow Heartless. That transformation unleashed a terrible price in Sora, especially once he began to use the Drives and the power from them. The Darkness in Sora is growing, gaining strength the more he struggles to use his abilities as the Hero that he is. It is a cost that he does not consider, nor would because he counts it as nothing compared to the lives of his friends and the safety of the worlds beyond his home.


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Re: Sora's Drives: Anti Form

Post by Riku on Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:30 am

...So, how do you determine when this activates?

Also, noted from the game. If you use a Form, and you have 0 MP? You WILL default to Anti Form.

...Unless it's Final Form.

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Re: Sora's Drives: Anti Form

Post by Sora on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:11 am

I'm still trying to figure out how to determine when this one comes into play. I just know that it does.

The chart for the possibility in the game is complicated and really unwieldy for trying to reinterpret for here. I just know that each successful use of the other Drives raises the chances of this one popping up. It's not completely random, but it's not to be ignored either.

Maybe a count in my sig? Since I can update that fairly often. Something like they did for The Hulk only instead of Days Since Episode it's Drives Since Last Anti? And if the counter reaches a certain number then Anti pops? That way I can always pop it early if I need to for dramatic reasons.

As for the 0MP thing, that I can live with.

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Re: Sora's Drives: Anti Form

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