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Flight, Seductive Influence, Phase Shift *Ryoko's

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Flight, Seductive Influence, Phase Shift *Ryoko's

Post by Kuja on Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:13 pm

Name: Flight

Magic Cost: 0

Class: Supplementary

Element: None

Effect: This is an automatic enchantment that will activate when ever Ryoko has need to leave the ground or there is not ground where she is currently standing, while using this she is able to fly around and hover on the ground. She doesn't use wings to fly so she can be upside down and still be flying around as she might stand or walk on the ceiling to avoid an attack or to sneak pass someone.

History: Ryoko did not learn this ability nor is it a new skill to her, she was born with it as Kuja knew that such an ability is very helpful when she is made for hit and run attacks. Further more she likes to use this to cause a lot of trouble for people that she wants to torment, she is also limited in this as her brother due to just like him she can't fly faster than a dragon either.

Name: Seductive Influence

Magic Cost: 0

Class: Supplementary

Element: None

Effect: This enchantment makes Ryoko seem very attractive to anyone that is attracted to women *yes that means men and homosexual women*, this is mostly used to help her get a bit more information out of a person. But can be used to help her play with a man's emotion, this does NOT cause a person to fall in love with her. It simply makes it where even if they have a girl, they MIGHT be seduced away from that girl. It does however cause those that are attracted to women to do 10% less damage to her as well, as they will pull their punches a slight bit.

History: This enchantment is actually a biological effect that is brought on by two things, firstly it is brought on by the fact that Ryoko is in fact quite attractive and is all woman so it is natural that those interested in women would show some interest in her. The second is the fact her body gives off a pheromone that causes the brain of those that smell it to find her more attractive, that is if they find women in general attractive. Kuja though seems to be immune to it but that is mostly due to how he is her brother and so her pheromones are ineffective against him, which is a thankful thing for the two of them.

Name: Phase Shift

Magic Cost: 0 when used outside of combat, will require 10 MP to be used inside combat

Class: Supplementary

Element: Darkness

Effect: This effect allows Ryoko to phase through non-magically created walls, floors, and ceilings. This means that if you are on one side of a wall of a building, she can phase through it to get to you, but if you make a wall of ice or wall of stone or something she can't phase through it. Also this can't be used to cause a thrown rock or thrown tree to phase through it, it have to be a non-magical non-offensive object for her to phase through.

History: Ryoko gained this ability through the freak accident that caused her to be how she is, it seemed it is her ability to do much what a heartless can do when they are only a shadow or neon-shadow. But due to how unstable magically created barriers are she can't phase through such objects, and objects thrown at her seem to have too much unstable energy to be phase through either. But her main use of this is to stalk her pray no matter where the poor sap goes, it is a rather annoying trick of hers to be exact.


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Re: Flight, Seductive Influence, Phase Shift *Ryoko's

Post by MrsGrizzley on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:08 pm

Alright, Flight is good to go.

Seductive Influence ... well, as long as you know that it's resistible with a strong enough will. Meh. Alright.

Phase Shift . . . okay, it's *not* a Teleport, it's walking through walls. Much like Shadowkat could in X-Men. Meh, unless Roxas sees something wrong with the concept I can live with it.

Approved on all three, unless Roxas has an issue he wants clarified.


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