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Kibou, Heiki

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Kibou, Heiki

Post by Trickster on Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:10 am

Name: Heiki Kibou

Gender: Male

Age: Physical Age: 21, Physical Appearance: late teens/early twenties


Home World: Destiny Island

Appearance: To start, Heiki has an unkempt hair style. It is, as described, spiky. When people lean on the back of his head or feel the top of hair, the feeling of pressing against dull needles comes to mind. The hair travels down to the middle of his neck. It's not too long and it is not too short, it's just long enough to give him a freer look. His eye color is that of sapphires; however it's been known to change to a midnight blue. The color remains its sapphire look during the times he was in the island but during his travels (especially when the weather predicts a cold front) it turns to a midnight color. His eyes get brighter the happier and joyful he is to a deep sky blue and when he unleashes a fury of anger, it turns towards a Duke blue color.

He has a narrow face, the masculine part of his chin is visible and his skin is clear of any signs of discolorment. During the long periods of time on the island, he had a nice light tan due to the consistent sunlight and even now he still has that tan but the minuscule amount of lightness is not noticeable at the slightest. There is a slight scar on the right top corner of his eye, it's fading away but there still remains just a small hint of something use to be there.

He has a very lean physique, which of any fit person who has constantly trained and worked the body to its peak level of tone. When he didn't wear a shirt at the islands, there was a point where women would stare idly at the natural cut of his chest, the individual six packs that appeared to be chiseled by an architect, the precise leanness of his legs. He very much proud of this physique and would not give it up in the world to lose it.

His attire changes depending on the world he goes to. The basic attire that usually everyone recognizes him is the three layer shirts he wears. The first layer is a black thin sleeved shirt. He hears bands around the middle of his arm and the elbows on each side. The second shirt is a white thin t-shirt with a design that has a necklace on it. It looks like he wearing a necklace but that is only an illusion of the shirt portrays. The final layer is a white short sleeved jacket that matches well with the upper outfit. His pants are a somewhat loose, somewhat fitting feel that gives him free movement and at the same time, enough so that he won’t have to keep pulling them up or wear a belt. Around his right leg is white rapping that he uses for a special occasion. His shoes are also black, wearing a size ten to the five foot ten inch frame of Heiki.

Personality: To get the foundation of Heiki, it's the fact that he is a very 'tricky' person to understand at first as someone who has a smile on his face and never loses that smile regardless of what he says or how the situation should 'naturally' be called for. He is, in fact, a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He loves to laugh at a lot of things, whether it is to a joke (good or bad) or to the simplicities that life has to offer. Although he laughs at a lot of things, when a situation calls for it, he does know when to control such habits and get down to business. Even as he aged, he became a bit more sacrastic, very laid-back and laisdasical in a sense. He doesn't mind sleeping in places that shouldn't be. He's been told that he sometimes thinks to much and when he talks, his speech is unfamilar and has a tendency of going off tangents.

As said before, he is a person who loves life itself. It's the simple things in life that helps him enjoy what life truly has to offer. Heiki is the type of person to sit on the beach all day, maybe read a book on something that probably interest him at the moment, watch as the sun goes down and possibly go to sleep on that said beach; all with a smile on his face to boot. He doesn't honesty care whether his well-being is threatened; his closeness to nature gives him an overall effect of tranquility around people. When he is at his calmest, there is a slight difference in the atmosphere around people and that is when people are usually at all time calm.

The two troubling aspects of Heiki's personalities is the fact that his intelligence is quite superior and that he loves to play pranks on people. These two qualities add up for the worst chaotic moments in Destiny Island. Even as a little child, he always love to play pranks, no matter how small or how large, the fact that he was getting his laughing fix gave him that high he wanted. As a child, he loved to experiment and loved to create things. He would use to combine these two talents and incorporate them in either friendly or violent pranks that he usually was never sorry for. Over time, he did control such urges to play pranks like that but there is always a time where there a use of putting hot sauce in people's fruit punch or dumping cold water on them at times. Over time, he had use his intelligence for more practical usage such as creating his first katana, find a way to reinvent a cooking style, reading up on a lot of books concerning the histories, the arts, the sciences, mathematics, writing styles, fighting styles. In short, this has made him very polymath tic. Being a polymath, he developed many skills that involve the body, mind and spirit.

He believes in balance. In short, balance between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the entire human body. He has tendency of going off on tangents about the different problems in life with quote and different philosophical aspects. He can be very spiritual at times, at times mediating and praying in times where it is needed most and when he can put logic in some of the unexplained things. Because of this type of balance, he is fearless. This fearlessness gives him the edge needed for everything that he has done in the past and everything he will do in the future

He does have a darker side to him. Although the list of good he has is said, there is always a list of bad that comes with it. There have been few accounts that he has been listed as a terrorist and revolutionary by a secret society. This society has had them on his hit list for more than three years now and is a likely target to get attack. There are times where he is completely alone for the worry of putting people in danger comes in mind. This loneliness does affect him at times and he doesn't necessarily like it, although he does have to live with it.

His favorite foods are anything raw and organic; his least favorite is breads and process foods

Elemental Mastery:
Primary: Light
Secondary: Darkness
Tertiary: Twilight

Weapons: Two Katanas, gloves

Fighting Style: He is very versatile when it comes to different types of skills. Due to his natural physique, he is naturally able to fight. Even without the proper training, he could easily fend off his own with just a few punches and kicks. He specializes in hand to hand combat and swordsmanship. Depending on how the situation calls for it, he can easily combine the two types of fighting into one, however he can lean over to one or the other. His specialty is assassin style attacking, quick movement that allows him to finish a battle sooner than most. He has (what almost appears) near limitless physical stamina. He can take on a group of heartless with a slight out of breath.

Alignment: He was once Chaotic Good at the age of 13, At the age of 18 He was Ranging between Chaotic Good and Neutral. Now, at the age of 21 He ranges from all three Chaotic groups of Good, Neutral and Evil

Affinities: Similar to Roxas and Ventus, the specialty that they have plus Heiki is the fact that they use speed in their attacks. With Heiki, he can attack with full throttle punches and kicks or swings and slashes from his katana (either one handed or duel wielding). He uses the light as a way to manipulate his speed (as so of Roxas and Ventus) at short bursts or as an advantage to get behind his opponent for a quick kill. He can also use the light as a way for a few second shields to protect him for any offensive type attacks and reflect them back at the enemy. This is his offensive type. His supplementary type is the darkness. With this, he doesn't necessarily use it for anything but for stealth. He can meld into the shadows and hide away without anyone sensing them. He doesn’t have a hard time seeing in this darkness and he can travel freely without the fear of the darkness consuming him.

Weaknesses: He has little to no offensive type magic ability that ranges from fire, ice, thunder. He had a difficult time in mastering it and has average skill in them. Although he is strong physically, someone with a huge advantage in massive strength, he'll have a very hard time in matching with strength.

History: The birth of Heiki wasn't a tragic one but it was neither a fantastic one either. It was a humble one in honesty. The father of Heiki did not appear to see his son for Heiki's father was a part of a group of revolutionaries and could not, at the time, reach to his wife and firstborn. But Heiki was rightfully born who did not wail out when he came out of the warmth of his mother’s womb but stretched his arms out and let out a loud yawn that said to the world that he was tired of being cramped up in there and was ready to be free to roam the world. The mother did not know that five years from now he would begin his training with his revolutionary father, that at the age of seven he would be classified as a genius, at the age of fourteen he would escape the accursed island and travel to see the world and at the age of nineteen, he would by then created so many enemies of the galaxy that he would be considered an outlaw. For now, the mother was joyful that she has a baby boy, who cooed in her arms she fell asleep.

His childhood was an adventurous one, Heiki was not the one to sit around when there was a perfectly awesome world to explore and begin his youthful days as an explorer of the islands. Even at the time when he was able to walk, he moved across the wooden floors of the house, moving to room to room with a smile on his face and laughing contently at the sight of his mother following him to catch up, which would laugh with him during his little baby and toddler days. His mother would follow him towards the rooms where he would find the beds, the furniture, the kitchen area, the dining room, the living room, and then as he grew older she would venture him towards more and more of the outside. She would place him into tree branches tall enough for her to grab him if he were to fall off, let him play in the sand, the ocean, the grass all of things she enjoyed as a child.

But before long she knew she would have to let go the strings for him to move more freely on his own. She never truly babied him when became a young toddler but she didn't let him off the leash yet. She knew that he had the personality of his father who was fearless as an adventurer. Even though she disliked this personality due to the fact that she never sees him, she knew that to bind Heiki to her would more incline him to be more rebellious in the future. She would rather him be himself rather than be himself rather than someone who is robotic. When he became older and started to develop friends, she sees him leave the house always telling her that she loved him and he'll be back before supper. He always kept to his word, he would leave early in the morning, adventure and play with his friends during the day and always return hungrier than a bear when the sun was down and at that time, they were both content with their lives.

His friends were all good fighters at the time when Heiki began forming friendships with others. The older boys, who were the more experience taught Heiki the beginning hand to hand fighting styles of different martial arts their fathers had taught them. He was pretty good at it, although not as good as the older boys due to their bodies already are developed into teenagers and he was still only a young boy at the age of five. Heiki didn't understand why the older boys would teach him how to fight and not the other boys in his same age group. They didn't know either, they were just inclining to do so. Heiki believed he had some type of magic power but he would soon find out that he had hit the head on the nail. At that same age, his father returns to the island and of course Heiki had no idea what his father looked like.

His father knew who he was and knew from the moment he saw the blue sapphire eyes that this was his son and only son that he loved. Heiki had no awareness of this but this man surely had a kind aura to him. There was something trusting about this man that he felt comfortable about. It was during those five years that his father had stayed with his mother and him that he began to understand the relationship. It was then during these five years that his father gave him the necessary tools both mentally and physically to become a powerful person in the near future. His father, as said before, was a revolutionary man who had fought alongside the great key blade masters. He, at one time, dined with the masters themselves only to find that one would betray him in the future. His father had told him to always have an eye in trusting people and to never let his guard down.

His father had left the island again and this time Heiki grew a slight impatience. It was then that he would begin to cause pranks and mischief on the islands. He would cause much chaos over the years and it was not because of his tricky personality but it was because he was simply mourning over the last of his father leaving the islands. He had grown attach to him and he simply wish he would've said goodbye to his father who had disappeared in the night. Did he hate him, no, he loved his father just as he loved his mother with equal intent but that rebelling spirit began to dwell inside of him and he had no proper guidance in order to let out that spirit. It was not until his father return at his fourteenth birthday that he would escape out of the islands. His father did not stay long at that time and only came to see his son and loving wife. Heiki only got onto his ship which his father was unaware at the time and left the world.

When his father found him in the cargo hold of his ship, he was furious at his son for leaving his mother alone on the island. Of course, Heiki was ashamed at himself. Heiki did not say goodbye to his mother and that was what he regretted the most after he left. His father had truly no choice and had to fly his son back but destiny has a thing of pushing people when they least expect it. They had landed in a town that, at the time, was not called Traverse town. It was there that the creatures that were not the heartless but the beings before that had invaded the small town. It was there that Heiki and his father was separated from each other. It was there that Heiki found his true purpose in life and that was to protect the people. He took upon himself the blade he kept that his father had given to him at his fourteenth birthday and was the first time he destroyed a creature in such a manner that was both gruesome and satisfying to the young Heiki.

Over the years, he and his father grew the reputation of being the secret societies worst enemies. This was a few years before the time of Sora, Riku and Kairi had become a threat and these two were the ones whom decided it was time for a revolution. It was there that this society decided to place a hit on the father and son due and sent all those who seen them to take them in, dead or alive. The effort was fruitless as Heiki had developed a way to get out of the stickiest of situations, regardless of whether he was cornered by hundreds of heartless or nobodies or surrounded by mercenaries whose intentions were to take his head. Heiki split away from his father at this time and told them that he would return to Destiny Island when he could but now it is the present time and his current location is Twilight town, where that bounty continues to grow and his reputation is beginning to sharpen. He has many names but he has two of them that he prefers; the trickster assassin and the polymath assassin.


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Re: Kibou, Heiki

Post by Roxas on Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:57 am

I rather enjoyed going through your application. It was very well written as well as interesting. Your history was particularly entertaining. You've earned Roxy's Badge of Approval!

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Re: Kibou, Heiki

Post by MrsGrizzley on Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:43 am

One note of clarification, so there's no confusion.

You mention that your weapons are "two Katanas".

Dualwielding is post-count restricted, which means that you have to reach 500 posts and be tested by an Admin in order to dual wield. Up to that point you can use one, then sheath it and draw another to use within a duel, but you can only use one at a time.

Just making sure that you are aware of that limitation.


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Re: Kibou, Heiki

Post by Roxas on Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:52 am

Wink Nice eye Grizz.

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Re: Kibou, Heiki

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