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Yami *Ryoko's Summon*

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Yami *Ryoko's Summon*

Post by Kuja on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:51 pm

Name: Yami

Race: Shadow Spirit

Description: Yami is a Shadow spirit that takes on the form of a human like being, his skin though is grayish white and the black trench coat he wears swirls and moves a bit like it is made of clouds of darkness. He wears a black shirt and black pants as well with them swirling with darkness as well too, though on the center chest part of the shirt crimson red lightning moves around a bit though really it only for looks. When summoned by Ryoko she just snaps her fingers before a cloud of darkness appears out of her shadow, it then forms into Yami's body. He tends to just stand silently with Ryoko waiting for orders, he does think on his own though so getting him alone won't make the fight with him any eaiser.

Purpose: Offensive, he can be used for defense as well but most of the time Ryoko doesn't use him as a spirit shield.
Shadow Claw: Yami causes his hands to be covered with darkness that shape into claws, this changes his hands into weapons. Thus he can slash a person with them, dealing weapon damage that is darkness based.

Crimson Lighting: Yami reaches into his chest and pulls out a bolt of lighting that forms into a twenty foot whip, the lighting whip can be used to swing at a person three times before it disappears. Each hit deals out light lightning damage. Duration ~ 2 post. Cooldown~ 4 post.

Dark Void: Yami forms a orb of darkness in one of his claws, the darkness orb is about the size of a baseball. It crackles and glows with dark energy and crimson lighting, he will then either throw it or charge a person and smash it right into someone while in his hand. The orb will expand by then and form a orb about 30 feet across and 30 feet from top to bottom, anything caught in the orb is dealt medium darkness damage.
Duration~ 1 Cooldown~ 6 post

Origins: Yami was the spirit of a young man that had killed himself just before a group of heartless could get him, sadly dying near so much darkness tainted his soul and kept him from moving on. Because of this his soul wandered from one world to another, slowly becoming more and more corrupt. By the time Ryoko was born Yami was a fully developed Shadow Spirit, too far gone to ever pass on into the next life and highly dangerous. It was even in Castle Oblivion for a few years due to how it enjoyed the quite life, and how private it was but when Kuja moved in the spirit wasn't too happy but endured having to deal with Kuja because he was too strong.

But when Ryoko was born Yami grew angry with the fact more people were in his home, it opted to attack Ryoko a few weeks later but when it did her armor had kept the spirit from doing much of anything while she smacked it around with her energy attacks. By the time it was over Yami was forced to submit to Ryoko and be bound to her will, ever since then Ryoko has used Yami how ever she wishes using the fact he tried to kill her to justify any cruel act she does to him.


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Re: Yami *Ryoko's Summon*

Post by MrsGrizzley on Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:04 pm

Okay, because of the limits on party Member Summoning (and Ryoko *is* a Summoner, I checked), the attacks on this Summon would put it between the "Normal" and the "Weak" positions.

I'm just not sure what Roxas intended those terms to mean so I'm not entirely certain which type this one would be.

In any event, other than that little point of clarification, which really needs Roxas to look at it, there doesn't seem to be anything out of order with this Summon.



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