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Ryoko's weapon and Armor *Riku Please*

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Ryoko's weapon and Armor *Riku Please*

Post by Kuja on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:49 pm

Name: Chaos Blade

Type of Weapon: Energy Blade

Primary/Secondary: Primary

Description: The chaos blade is made up of energy that could be called super heated plasma if one wants to get technical, the blade is orange red in color and takes on the shape of beam of energy with no blade. It reached out three and a half feet max but can be made short if needed to be used as a dagger.

Elemental Alignment: Non-elemental

Ability/Function: The blade is made of energy so stealing is not exactly possible due to how it would just fade away if stolen, it can be thrown at a person like a single beam to cause light damage. *only once per post*

Close/long range: Close and Long

History: The Chaos Blade was something that was given to Ryoko from Kuja as they are not only made from Ryoko's energy but also from small gem implanted into her right wrist, it is a focusing gems that is able to focus her powers and help her use them much easier. Though it did take Ryoko a few tries before she finally got the hang of the weapon, it not exactly easy to wield a weapon that can slash through things no matter which side is used.

Pictures: *They slash and they won't cut through weapons or shields, but the cuts do tend to be cauterized by the heat, but that is good cause at least you won't bleed out.*

Name: Shadow suit

Ability/Function: It makes Ryoko 25% faster and she can turn on and off an darkness eater ability that causes darkness attacks to heal her, but when it is on light attacks deal out three times more damage than normal. She is not able to turn it on and off in one post, she can only turn it on in one post then in the next post she can turn it off.

Protection: It gives ryoko a slight defense boost of 5% but it mostly used to help to make her more stream line and stealthy.


History: The Shadow Suit was something that Ryoko made with a bit of help from Kuja and the local heartless population, it was Ryoko that brought up the idea and collected the materials while Kuja was the one to make it possible. While the local heartless population were the ones to give the materials as in their flesh, as Kuja had learned how to tear the physical form away from a heartless's heart thus killing it in the process. With this Kuja was able to fashion a suit made of the darkness infused materials that Ryoko could wear, and due to the fact the stuff was once living it was easy to get it to become skin tight on her. With it she now has it with her at all times as it stays hidden inside of her heart while not in use.

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Re: Ryoko's weapon and Armor *Riku Please*

Post by Riku on Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:35 pm

...Okay, we're good here.


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