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Ryoko the demon caller. *Riku please*

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Ryoko the demon caller. *Riku please*

Post by Kuja on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:44 am

Name: Ryoko

Gender: Female

Age: Physical Age 17 Actual age is only a few months

Race: Genome

Home World: Caste Oblivion

Appearance: Ryoko is a young genome that was made to look rather attractive in her own right, her skin is a healthy color of white as it is not too pale but not too dark either. Almost a peach like color if you will, her hair is spiky due to her own preference and it is also an turquoise color. She stands 5' 3.77" so though she is not that tall heaven help you if you even mention her being a bit short, her eyes are amber color and look like the eyes of a cat. Also her three measurements are 32-22-33, and to top it off like all genomes she has a tail that is monkey like but can be mistaken for a cat's tail easily and it is the same color as her hair.

Ryoko's outfit is strange to say the least when compared to normal clothing, she wears a top that is white in color and has a very low V cut that allows a good view of cleavage. It comes down to be sort of a short dress like look that covers the top part of her body, torso, and upper legs. To cover the rest of her body she wears very tight dark red pants that seem to cling to her legs, the same sort of material is on her arms and covers her entire arm and also covers her hands. Around her neck she wears a small choker as well as a pair of earrings that have small round gems stones in them.

Personality: Ryoko's personality is very different from the man she works with as she is rude, crude, loves to drink, she hates having to do chores, and to add onto it she likes to sleep for long periods of times. Add onto the fact she has a short temper you would think she would be the worse person to ever see, but she does have a good side but she hides it from everyone with her gruff personality. She can at times be very caring and protective of those around her, that even includes Kuja even if she act like she didn't care if he burned in hell. She can fall in love though with who or what gender is completely up in the air as well as the fact how long the love with last, she is very flirty with her object of affections though and will not tolerate anyone trying to take the man or woman from her.

Elemental Mastery: Primary: Non-Elemental
Secondary: Darkness
Tertiary: Wind

Weapons: Energy Weapons

Job: Summoner

Summons: N/A

Spells: N/A

Fighting Style: Ryoko is a user of mix tactics as she will get up close and personal more so than Kuja would as she enjoys using her power and speed to slash up people, but she is fairly good with using spells as well so she will attack using that sort of stuff as well. She also will knee a guy in the nuts if she is fighting one and if she is fighting a woman, she will punch them in the chest as she is not exactly a nice person to get in a fight with. Also don't be surprised if she grabs you by your hair, spins you around with your hair, and then throw you into something only to have that something collapse onto you. Like I said she is NOT a good person to fight against, and it gets worse if she summons one of her little pets to help her fight.

Alignment: Chaotic

Affinities: Ryoko is very good at hitting a person hard with her physical attacks as her strength is something even Kuja is weary of at times, add onto the fact she is rather fast and you get a very dangerous opponent. This is further made more apparent by her high magical damage rating as she can hit a person pretty damn hard with a spell as well, either way Ryoko is known for being great at hitting hard and hitting fast. She is good with a sword and fairly good with her spells.

Weaknesses: Though Ryoko is strong her physical defense against damage leaves much to be desired then you add in the fact that magical attacks can really mess her up if she is hit, well she becomes something akin to a glass canon. She can hit hard and do a lot of damage but she can't take hits very well herself, then you add the fact she is a temperamental young woman that could easily get provoked into a dangerous situation it becomes apparent that she would need to be supervised by someone with a much cooler head.

History: Ryoko was born not out of love or even because of the fact two teens were too stupid to use protection, no she was born out of a single man's desire to have an equal to speak with. Thus she was created more than born of course, and the man who created her was none other than the Angel of Death known as Kuja. He had taken up residence inside of Castle Oblivion months ago with very little resistance or trouble, this of course gave him a base of operations that was not easy to get into or even find. Because of this he had plenty of free time to work and one thing he chose to create was the very machine that was used to make Genomes such as himself, with this started his research into the technology and magic of genome creation.

In time he learned how to create an exact copy of a normal genome that was oh so common on his home world of Terra, with that he started to tamper with the DNA used to make them to better create an equal of his own wishes. This though also left the DNA vulnerable to infection by the darkness that surrounded anything that exists in Castle Oblivion, so by the time he had finished his work the DNA was so tainted with Darkness that the normal Light powers a genome is with was replace with powers over darkness. Kuja in his haste and overconfidence did not check the DNA for that change, and because of that Ryoko became what she is now and that all the more irked Kuja.

When he created her he allowed the machine to randomize the way she would look though he did point out the general shape of the body and such, he also made sure to make the creation beautiful in his own eyes as he would not allow his creations to be of the unattractive verity. It took a few months of incubation and work to help Ryoko become fully grown and matured in that short time span, and when he released her from the device he figured he did everything right as he said "It is nice to finally see you up and about Ryoko." Well Kuja was in for a shock when he heard her respond "Ya ya now are you done checking out my naked body, it cold in here and you know what that does to a woman like me." Kuja was utterly shocked to hear her speak like that to him and in time he would learn that it would only get worse, but either way he was held back from his urge to kill her after he witnessed her fighting skills against a pack of Nobodies that had found their way in. Hence forth a new evil came to the world and together with Kuja, she would become a force to be recon with.


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Re: Ryoko the demon caller. *Riku please*

Post by Roxas on Fri Jun 11, 2010 8:17 am

I'll start off by this is one cold hearted witch, but nice picture.

I don't really see anything wrong with it unless Grizz has something to say.

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