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Pets/Mounts Rules and Templates

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Pets/Mounts Rules and Templates

Post by Roxas on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:33 am

This is where the pets template is located. Be sure to follow the rules of the template.

-50 points- you may have your first companion
-150 points- you may have two companions
-300 points- you may have your third companion
-500 points- you may have your fourth and FINAL companion

-When filling out your template, remember to be unique.

-Always be as descriptive as possible.

-Do not bombard the Admins or Moderators to check out your template, we will get to it when we can.

-Don’t copy anyone else’s companion template. Make your own.

-If you wish to make your companion a Fiend or another beast from the Final Fantasy series such as a Chocobo or anything from Kingdom Hearts, feel free to do so.

That’s it for the rules. Be sure to follow every single one of them!

Pets Template

Name: (What is your companion’s name?)

Age: (How old is your pet?)

Gender: (Is your pet a male or a female?)

Breed: (What breed of beast is your companion?)

Appearance: (What does your pet look like? Be VERY descriptive, we want to know EVERYTHING!)

Purpose: (Do you use your companion for protection or just as a pet to travel with? What do you use it for?)

History: (How did you first meet your pet? How has it helped you? What have you been through alongside your companion?)

Pictures: (Pictures are recommended, but are not required.)
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