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It Begins When It Almost Ends

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It Begins When It Almost Ends

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:25 pm

Squall locked eyes with the deadly beast, not wanting it to make any sudden moves that would throw him off guard. T-Rexaur were perhaps the most deadly of all creatures in the Radiant Garden wilderness. Granted the place he was in wasn't very wild truth be told. In fact, he was out in the middle of an open plane. There was nothing in this quadrant aside from grass, dirt, and hilly landscape. Sure there were a few smaller creatures, not much worth troubling ones mind over, but off in the distance, about a mile and a half out, the silhouette of several trees could be seen. It was a large forest that none of the residents ever cared to visit, not even the guard went there. It was not out of fear, but of no reason or inclination to do so. It was from there that the over sized lizard had bounded from, and now Squall was faced with the task of dispatching the creature, its only option, was death.

It had been by mere coincidence that Squall had been on the scene, no one had ordered him to take care of the beast. He had simply finished several patrols of the city already, and now he had taken to walking outside the limits of the civilization. It helped calm his nerves. It was more or less a peaceful place, but then was not with out his dangers. Squall was very glad he had thought to keep his gunblade at his side.

The battle had not even yet begun but saliva was already dripping from the T-Rexaur's mouth, high up in the air. It was a two legged beast with very short stubby arms. It had a long whipping tail that could be considered as dangerous a weapon as the savage teeth in its mouth. Its whole skin was a sickly red color with dark blue stripes that ran side to side across its back and came to points as they neared its slightly more yellow underside. Its gaze was fierce, and it was plain to see just why this creature was considered among the most lethal of all animals found with in this realm.

Squall already had a game plan figured out in his head. Now all he had to do was execute it. His gunblade was already in his hand, held off to the side with both hands at a downward angle. Typically at the start of all battles he used only one hand and switched to two when it got serious. However, there was no taking this beast lightly. He would honestly almost rather face any one man then chance this fiend. There were simple ways to execute these creatures, but there was always the chance that something could go terribly wrong. Squall prayed that luck would be on his side.

The T-Rexaur made the first move, which was what Squall had been counting on. As it made its move forward, Squall brought his weapon up so that the barrel was pointing dead in the beasts face. He had waited for this moment because the beasts momentum and movement had already prevented it from avoiding what was to follow. Without hesitation he pulled the trigger and let loose a fiery blast which nailed it square in the snout, filling its nose and eyes with flame and smoke. It wasn't enough to cause any real damage, but it gave squall the distraction he needed.

He took several speedy steps forward, running towards the beast whose head now thrashed upwards in an involuntary reaction, the throat plainly exposed and stretched out. Squall was only able to cover the distance because of all of his training thus far was purely physical. He left next to nothing for magics. Leaping forward and up, Squall sailed upwards and thrust his blade into the things throat, causing blood to well from the wound almost immediately. Squall landed back on the ground and did a quick barrel roll, popping back up to face the beast, six meters to its right, keeping his blade between them both. He had just made strike one. Two more and this would be over.


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Re: It Begins When It Almost Ends

Post by Paleo Sora on Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:29 pm

It was late in the afternoon, after Sora had gotten some much needed sleep from the party he had just attended the night before. The party was fun, but it was not what he was really looking for. He had not seen all the people he wanted to see there, so now he wanted to go search for them. He knew that there were already several of them in this world, so he knew this would be a great place to start. He jumped from the window of the room where he had been sleeping in, and landed in the center of the world. He sighed and looked around and had not seen a soul around. He knew that not everyone could be missing at this time, but he wanted to see if there was anyone outside of the main town. He knew it could be quite dangerous outside the city walls, but Sora wished for a little action, so this made him happy. He exited the city with a smile on his face, he looked around for anything with a bit of life.

At first all there around him, was nothing but almost completely flat land. He could see a few animals here and there, but nothing that sparked his interest. He knew that he had to keep looking or this day would have gone to waste and he did not wish to waste. He began to run towards what he thought was a forest, and soon he could hear faint sounds of more wild animals. He thought this was the thing he had been looking for. He ran a bit faster so he could finally get the much needed fight, that he had been longing for about a year now. He was even hopeful that someone he knew was out there, and then he could possible get a spar, depending on who it had been. He soon neared the many of trees that had been far from the city limits. He smiled as he looked around these trees.

Sora soon heard a very loud sound. It was a very loud animal and something that he had never heard before. This made him wonder what this thing really was. If he had never heard it, he had surely never seen such a thing. To Sora, the thing sound huge, scary and angry. Sora ran towards were the sound had been coming from, and soon he heard something hit this monstrous creature. He did not see who it was at the time, but this was his chance to either talk to an old friend, make a new one, or fight a new enemy. His first reaction at the time was to see this person, when it should have been to avoid this creature at all cost. But however, this was not the case. Soon Sora jumped on top of the creatures head and soon jumped down to see a familiar face. With a smile on his face and opened his arms to hug the person he had been friends with for such a long time.

This hug did not last long, because Sora had turned around to see this creature, very angry. Sora was unarmed at the time, but he was lucky that his weapon has been the keyblade, making it so that he could summon his weapon at any point in time. He reached out his hand, to his side and a light appeared around his right hand. Soon his weapon appeared and Sora got in his normal stance, holding the blade with two hands, with the blade pointing behind him. He smiled and nodded towards Squall. "So, Leon what is this thing anyway? I haven't seen it at all." He was confused because he had been almost to ever inch of every world he had been to. He glared at the beast and was ready to fight. Sora soon jumped up and whacked the beast on top of the head. This did a slight amount of damage, because Sora was considered strong. He then landed next to Sqaull and looked towards him. "We got this thing!" He yelled out, glaring at the beast.
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