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Children of Light

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Children of Light

Post by MrsGrizzley on Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:39 pm

Name: Children of Light

Race: Lightborn

Description: Kairi bows her head and clasps her hands together and gathers light around herself. For a moment she seems to glow. Then the ground glows, no further than 20 feet from herself, and from the glows rise up to 10 Lightborn (akin to Heartless, but formed completely of Light), depending on which variant is being Summoned. They look very much like the Heartless variants, but they are pearly white, distinctly feminine, with piercingly bright blue eyes. Lightborn show in predominantly 6 different variations. The least of them is the Photon, and thus is the type that Kairi can call up to 10 of. There are also NeoPhotons (8 ), NextPhotons (6), Lightballs (4), Untouchables (2), and the huge Lightside (1).

Purpose: Kairi summons the Lightborn into battle as an offensive force under her command. They can serve as a defensive wall around her, after a fashion, but only so far as warriors would protect the one they serve. They can attack; they can throw themselves into the way of an attack. The Photons and NeoPhotons and NextPhotons are purely Melee combatants and cannot call magic, though their physical attacks are understandably stronger as they grow. The greater Lightborn then that have the ability to throw globes of pure Light elemental energy that equates to Tier 1 damage for the Lightballs, Tier 2 damage for the Untouchables, and Tier 3 damage for the Lightside.

Origins: Darkness is primal and basic. So is Kingdom Hearts and the Light held there. As the embodiment of Light, being born completely without Darkness, Kairi is linked to a power as fundamental as the Darkeness that threatened to completely swallow Riku. Each primal element has its servants. For the Darkness are the Heartless. For Nothingness there are the Nobodies. For Light and Kingdom Hearts there are Lightborn. Just as Riku was able to summon and control the Heartless when he surrendered to Darkness, Kairi is able to summon and control the Lightborn because of her connection to the Light that created them.

((This is an altered version of the Summon which was approved for Kairi on the other site. It takes into account Summoning different types of Lightborn in place of simply the Photons, though she can summon only one type at any one time.))

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