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Xion's Heartless form {W.I.P}

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Xion's Heartless form {W.I.P}

Post by Xion on Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:19 pm

Name: Xion ; First form

Appearance:Xion has large, colorful wings and a huge, orange and red, intricately-shaped sword. Despite the wings, she spends half the time on the ground. She attacks with her usual ground combos. Xion sends a burst of energy to knock Roxas away as she enters flight mode, where she performs an aerial version of Sora's Sonic Blade. If the attack hits, she will strike again; if she misses or the attack is parried, she returns to the ground.


Strength: Moderate strength

Stamina: Lasts two posts before going into Second form

Affinities: Xion, transformed. Sora's memories from each world have multiplied her powers.She has a powerful grabbers sword that causes damage as she draws you with an Aero lock pinning you to the ground. When slashed at with the sword it causes a large amount of damage.

Weaknesses: As she draws closer to the last moments her attacks get weaker. (her Aero lock cannot hold as well as when she first enters this form)

History: Xion first developed this form when she realized that her purpose was to Free kingdom hearts she use this form on Roxas to force him to fight her.When this form was defeated she used Sora's memories to create a second form. (there are four forms in total.)

Name: Xion; Second Form

Appearance :Xion, having lost her wings, now grows to be about twice the size of Roxas and summons a large, scythe-like weapon vaguely resembling the Chimaera arm or The Experiment's arm. She creates circles of Light to pull Roxas in, leaving him open for an attack. Xion's attacks mainly consist of hacking and slashing Roxas, similar to Marluxia's battle style. She can also shoot beams of Light using Ragnarok. Or Homing Missiles


Strength: Moderate (yet slightly stronger than the first form)

Stamina: 2 Posts (same as first)

Affinities:Xion, transformed. Sora's memories from each world have multiplied her powers.
Her Ragnarok attack fires homing lasers that cannot be blocked. She uses a healing barrier attacks If the barrier is hit you take damage as it blows you away and her energy is recovered.

Weaknesses: Near the end of this form the barrier will no longer block attack but will heal as needed.

History: During the battle a Xion is knocked back off her feet , She uses Sora's memories to create her second form and change the scenery to Halloween town. The sword that was used was made from her own memories that she created. Better known as the Experiments Arm

Name: Xion; Third form

Appearance:Xion transforms into a figure with four huge arms, decorated with elegant, gold, purple and red designs. She also has large blades instead of hands, resembling Kurt Zisa. Her main body is slightly larger than the previous form. Her fighting style is much more graceful and agile than the previous forms; involving many flips and spins that make it harder to hit her. She has the same Light circle ability from the last battle and attacks with powerful, controlled slashes from her four arms. Xion can also cover her blades in light and perform Sora's Ars Arcanum.


Strength: Stronger than both First and second form.

Stamina: 2 Posts

Affinities: Xion, transformed. Sora's memories from each world have multiplied her powers.
Beware her Arch Arcanum attack, a fierce flurry of blows from her four arms. Most of her attacks cannot be blocked.

Weaknesses: She doesn't use her Healing Barrier this time so any damage she takes can't be healed easily.

History: The third form Used in battle Xion has gathered Sora's memories to create each of the Four sword and arms that hold them. Each sword for each extra memory found. And Using the Organization XIII Device that was placed before to grow three times the size of Roxas.

Name: Xion; Final Form

Appearance:Xion transforms into a titanic giant, about the same height as the Train Station tower. Her armor is now very embroidered with spikes and ribbons, and appears similar to Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. She also now has two Keyblade-like, pink and silver weapons with the teeth in the shape of the Nobody symbol. During the battle, Xion can shoot blasts of Light and trap Roxas in a sphere of Darkness, affecting his movement. She also uses heavy melee attacks with her weapons that sometimes emit fissures of Light and can perform a very powerful attack were she makes a heavy slash upwards, followed by a huge eruption of Light magic shooting up from the invisible floor. She can also use her attacks that will cause status effects . Her most powerful attack is a form of Sora's Trinity Limit. Xion's attacks in this form are easy to predict, including her two most powerful attacks. Which one she uses is dependent on the attack she uses before the vortex appears on the ground. If she shoots the blasts of light and the vortex appears, she'll fire a blast of light in the air that will cause beams of light to shoot down on random places around the area. This can be dodged by gliding at Xion, as few of the light beams will hit the area directly near Xion. If she creates the orb of darkness before the vortex appears, she will use Trinity Limit, which can be dodged by gliding up to one of the corners farthest to the east and west of Xion


Strength: Very strong

Stamina: 3 posts

Affinities: Growing as tall as the twilight town clock tower. Now her attacks are only magic based. Xion's ultimate transformation. Sora's memories from each world have multiplied her powers.
This form packs a new arsenal of moves, including a powerful Final Limit once her energy dwindles.

Weaknesses: Because most of her attacks are magic based. Her attacks can be avoided by taking shelter near her until the attack wears off. Her attacks are predictable also o it is easy to come up with a battle strategy to throw her off. But then she will change the sequence and make it harder to follow.

History: Her final form The last one used with all of her's and Sora's memories combined. During this form her sequence of attacks begin to get a bit more difficult to see while she keeps attacking.Most of her attacks are magic based. In her Light aura send you far in the air as it keeps hitting and you keep taking damage. as soon as you high enough the aura wears down and Xion slams you hard into the ground as you are falling.

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Re: Xion's Heartless form {W.I.P}

Post by MrsGrizzley on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:35 am

Okay, for one we're going to need a whole heck of a lot more detail on the various abilities of each form. What kind of attacks, what do they do, what level of damage if they hit, how often can she use them (usually involving a cooldown of a certain number of posts) that sort of thing.

Also, you might want to rework it so that it doesn't sound *quite* so much like you're taking it from a strategy guide.

It's a good start, but we need more detail.


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