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Rose Storm

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Rose Storm

Post by Kuja on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:36 am

Name: Rose Storm

Magic Cost: 5 AP

Duration: one post but can last longer if requirements are met *the extra MP* It can be turned off sooner though if Kuja wills it.

Requirements: Be able to use magic.

Elemental Alignment: Wind

Class: Defense

Description: Rose Storm is a spell that is activated when Kuja thinks about it, but normally he snaps his fingers as it is a more showy way of doing the spell. When this happens wind speed up quickly to that of two hundred miles per-hour this wind is used to make a barrier that will block anything that tries to get in be it a weapon, a person, an object, or a spell. Now the wind though doesn't even cause Kuja's hair to flutter as the high speed wind is only in the wall of the barrier, now a simple wind barrier would not be good enough for Kuja.

No he added a little more and that was when the wind kicks up rose petals are brought with it as the petals swirl around in the barrier, this makes it easier for a person to see the shape of the barrier but also if someone makes physical contact with the barrier they will suffer light damage from the high winds and the fact that the petals can give light cuts. The barrier is large enough to hold three people inside as the magics cause them to float inside of it, so smashing into the barrier to make it move won't knock them around.

The barrier only last for one of Kuja's post but it can be charged up as with every extra fice MP it will last one more post longer, spells, summons, and forms that use more MP than what ever amount of MP Kuja used can shatter the spell. While in effect those inside can't get out of it and they can't attack either, but Kuja can have it move still as his powers of flight allow that.

History: Kuja had learned Rose Storm long ago when he was manufactured by Garland when Terra was still around, Kuja had only kept remembering this spell due to how he finds it to be so beautiful that it would strike awe in people.

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Re: Rose Storm

Post by MrsGrizzley on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:08 pm

Hmm . . .

Looks like everything is in order . . .

It's basically a shield spell . . . that can be overwhelmed by greater force . . .



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