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Spells Rules and Template

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Spells Rules and Template

Post by Roxas on Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:30 am

Here are just a few guide lines to think about before you fill out your template.

-Be as descriptive as you possibly can. We need to have a clear mental image in our minds of what you mean in each area of the template.

-No god-modding. There is not a spell that totally diminishes your opponent automatically, be fair.

-There will also be a magic cost per spell. Once you run out of magic, you absolutely CANNOT use any more spells.

-Don't use the same spell every post. Swap it up a little bit, make things interesting. You will have a lot more fun that way.

-Spell and skills may only cost intervals of 5 magic, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on, removes the need of calculators for the math impaired

-Do not constantly barrage the moderators and admin for approval, we are few, and normally somewhat busy

-Spell and skills may only cost intervals of 5 magic, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and so on, removes the need of calculators for the math impaired

-Be sure to post how much magic you have left after you use your spell.

-Do not "upgrade" your spells after you make them, choose what you want, and post it, mods and admin don't have time to deal with the same spell twelve times, so make it exactly what you want then and there, then post it to get it approved once and once only.

That about does it for the rules. If any problems persist, more rules will be made to solve those problems.

Grizz Edit: MP cost is in increments of 5. However, this can still be confusing when determining HOW many MP you need for a spell. Fire, Blizzard, Thunder are Tier 1 Magic Damage, Cure is Tier 1 Healing. They are 5 MP. Fira, Blizzara, Thundara are Tier 2 Magic Damage, Cura is Tier 2 Healing. They are 10 MP. Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga are Tier 3 Magic Damage, Curaga is Tier 3 Healing. They are 15 MP. Extra effects on top of straight damage are going to require increases in MP, but sometimes those effects, if minor enough, can be bundled into a single 5 MP bump. It depends on what the spell does and how severely it does it.

Don't make me have to build a Spell list. Thank you. : Grizz Edit Complete

Alright, next we'll get down to the magic acquirement system:

Remember all you start out with 30 MP and finish off with 300. (unless more MP is granted from gifts and other stuff.)

Less than 100 points: 30 Magic
More than 100 points: 40 Magic
More than 200 points: 50 Magic
More than 350 points: 60 Magic
More than 500 points: 70 Magic
More than 650 points: 80 Magic
More than 800 points: 90 Magic
More than 1000 points: 100 Magic
More than 1200 points: 110 Magic
More than 1400 points: 120 Magic
More than 1600 points: 130 Magic
More than 1800 points: 140 Magic
More than 2000 points: 150 Magic
More than 2200 points: 160 Magic
More than 2400 points: 170 Magic
More than 2600 points: 180 Magic
More than 2800 points: 190 Magic
More than 3000 points: 200 Magic
More than 3200 points: 210 Magic
More than 3400 points: 220 Magic
More than 3600 points: 230 Magic
More than 3800 points: 240 Magic
More than 4000 points: 250 Magic
More than 4200 points: 260 Magic
More than 4400 points: 270 Magic
More than 4600 points: 280 Magic
More than 4800 points: 290 Magic
More than 5000 points: 300 Magic

It may be upgraded again in the future, but for now, 300 is the maximum, unless you acquire magic in a special tournament or event of some sort.

Spells Template

Name: (What is the name of the spell?)

Magic Cost: (How many magic points does this spell cost?)

Duration: (How many posts does this spell last? Remember, be realistic.)

Requirements: (What do you need in order to use the skill or spell?)

Elemental Alignment: (What element or elements is your spell composed of?)

Class: (What is the spell used for? Offense, Defense, Supplementary)

Description: (What does it look like when you perform this spell? What happens with your surroundings? What happens to your character? What does it do to your opponent or whatever you use the spell on?)

History: (How did you learn this spell? What have you done with it? How has it helped you or harmed you?)

Now it's time for the list of the amount of spells you may have.

Spell and Skill amount limits:

Less than 25 points: 1 Spell or Skill
More than 25 points: 2 Spells or Skills
More than 50 points: 3 Spells or Skills
More than 100 points: 4 Spells or Skills
More than 250 points: 5 Spells or Skills
More than 350 points: 6 Spells or Skills
More than 500 points: 7 Spells or Skills
More than 750 points: 8 Spells or Skills
More than 1000 points: 9 Spells or Skills
More than 1250 points: 10 Spells or Skills
More than 1500 points: 11 Spells or Skills
More than 1750 points: 12 Spells or Skills
More than 2000 points: 13 Spells or Skills
More than 2250 points: 14 Spells or Skills
More than 2500 points: 15 Spells or Skills
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